Monday, October 12, 2009

booties + layering

Monday calls for new shoes, that's what I always (um, just made that up right now) say!

So.  Like so many trends before them (leggings, boots over jeans, Uggs, etc), I swore I would never own booties when they came out a few years ago.  I thought they made your feetsies look like a Clydesdale hooves.  In middle school, armed with illustrated textbooks straight out of 1976, we all had to learn the Spanish word for "half-boots" (botinas).  Even as a 6th grader, I was acutely aware that the chances of me slipping on those heinous botinas were slim to none, thus rendering that vocab lesson useless (except, obvs, not... seeing as I still remember the word - way to go, Senora Condon!  Gawd, what an awful last name.)

Anyhoo, I guess that textbook was actually pretty prolific (Paseos?  I think that's what it was called...), seeing as those damn botinas have been clomping down the runway and into display cases for the past couple of seasons.  Impervious to their charm in falls and winters past, I buckled this year.  Call me a wishy-washy fashion victim, but I am kind of loving them... I first tried these and I just wasn't convinced - I like the slouchy look and the comfy wedge, but, as my partner in crime RJB pointed out, they cut your foot off right where you ankle becomes your calf = cankle territory.  So back they went.  I initially had my eye on these as replacements, but alas, no size 9s.  But as the little shoe elves at Nordstrom are so apt to do, my new friend Ivan drew my attention to some fabulous tucked suede booties by Dolce Vita (sadly, they don't seem to be selling them online).  Quest complete!

Gladly, I do not feel like a Clydesdale but perhaps like a jolly Mr. Tumnus (except, you know, female... and not naked)!

This dress is from Ann Taylor Loft, last season, and its one of my favorites for work based strictly on its versatility.  It goes under black or grey jackets, is a good length for pumps or boots, and looks great with a turtleneck during the chilly months.  My only gripe is that the front pleats - while quite flattering when standing up - create this kangaroo pouch when you sit.  But there are pockets - yay!

Sidenote: hair was highlighted by the fabulous Alejandro this weekend and thus, all is right with my world.

Black, Light Wool-Blend Dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Silk Turtleneck - Banana Republic
Purple Tights - J.Crew
Suede Booties - Dolce Vita via Nordstrom
Gold Chain Link Necklace - J.Crew
Gold & Amethyst Feather Earrings - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse
Skinny Blush Metallic Belt - J.Crew
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring - J.Crew


  1. I love to layer button ups and turtlenecks under my multitude of lady-lawyer black dresses. I am 5'4" on a good day, so the leg shortening aspect overwhelms the longing to try booties. I have to leave them to you tall ladies, sigh.

  2. did you get your hair did? looking good hot stuff.


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