Friday, October 2, 2009

long belted cardy + skinny jeans

Happy Casual Friday!

You know that rule that says "take one accessory off before you walk out the door?"  Yeah, apparently I put one more on this morning.  Take that, Antiquated Fashion Police!

This is one of those instances where I wish I could take my bathroom pics with my Canon... because, not to toot my own horn (okay, okay, Toot! Toot!), but this outfit is way more fabulous in person than in the crappy iPhone pics.  Sadly, a point-and-shoot aimed at the bathroom mirror would be way harder to explain in instances of sneak-attacks than the iPhone.  {My plan if caught, btw, is to feign a mad-texting session - one so important that it necessitates posing like an ANTM C-Teamer.}

Anyhoo, loving the GAP Always Skinny freebies I scored via my Brand Enthusiast gig - I wasn't entirely sure about them and at first... I much preferred my Real Straights and Sexy Bootcut but, after losing a pound or two, I'm feeling much more confident in the fit of these suckers.  I intended to keep them only as my go-to boots-over-jeans jeans, but this morning's experiment with the Harper pumps went swimmingly!  They could be a tad longer but overall, I am really pleased (especially with the higher rise - no Hanky Pankies peeking over here!).

Its hard to tell in the photos, but the cardigan is super long (and super, super soft), draping down to cover the pancake bum.

Ruffle Geometric Top - Shoshana
Long Black Cardigan - White + Warren 
Skinny Jeans - GAP: Always Skinny
Black Patent & Suede "Harper" Pumps - J. Crew
Turquoise Necklace - Christmas gift years and years ago
Gold Coin Necklace - family heirloom
Gold Flower Earrings - J. Crew
Bauble Cocktail Ring - J. Crew
Hammered Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse
Blush Metallic Skinny Belt - J. Crew


  1. What a great outfit, I have to say you are braver than I! I haven't ever even tried on a pair of skinny jeans. I'm afraid my former gymnast college swimmer humongous thighs would just look ridiculous!
    I was quite proud of myself when I bought and wore, my first ever pair of leggings last week! small steps here in the Completely Preppy wardrobe... very, very small!

  2. I think you look great in the skinny jeans! I need to learn more about Gilt Fuse. I'm on Gilt, but what is the Fuse part??

  3. I want the skinny jeans for boots too - but am glad they work for heels since I don't wear my boots all that much. Must get it together and order a pair online - silly only selling tall stuff online.

  4. I love my skinnies from the Gap!

  5. Can shorties wear the boots over jeans look? I tried this at home last night and I can't really stuff my "classic slims" in there. They aren't a true skinny, which is probably the issue. Also when wearing boots over jeans do you get gross bunching at the knee? I feel like I looked like a pirate.

    Help. PS these are actual questions, I am this hopeless with clothes.

  6. you got the always skinnys! I tried them and looked like a mom in them. they are so cute on you though.

  7. The skinny jeans look great! I was actually surprised that they were from the Gap. I see the loot from the party has been getting good wear.

  8. I really like your jeans. The outfit looks great as a whole.


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