Monday, November 23, 2009

feminine layers + rhinestoned footwear

As Larry David and Evs would say "Prettay, prettay, prettaaaaaaay good start to my Monday!"

Woke up with non-greasy (albeit slightly kinky) hair thus cutting Getting Ready Time in half...

Scored a holiday Starbucks card from our Realtor (lease is up in March... if I receive another orchid, I'll assume she's moving in for the Big Kill) = free triple grande, no whip, eggnog latte for me...

New shoes!  Sparkly ones!

Here's hoping Monday continues in such a non-evil fashion!

Yay for the Organzied Chaos Tank that doesn't make me look like a lumpy pear!

I've had many email inquiries about the TBs (making their first appearance on Weekend Wear).  They were purchased this weekend as an Early Christmas / I'm Sorry You Are Depressed Because You Cannot Find The Perfect Sequined Cocktail Dress / I'm Sorry I Agreed To Help You Find The Holy Grail of Christmas Party Dresses / Can We Please Go To Home Depot Now Present.  Procured at Neimans - the saleslady said they only had 4 pairs left and I cannot find them on the NM website or listed online with any of the usual suspects.  However, if you're feeling sleuth-y, here is all the pertinent info:

Grey Bow Cardy - J.Crew
Tiered Tank - Anthropologie
Pencil Skirt - Michael by Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Textured Tights - Merona via Target
Gunmetal Ballet Flats - Tory Burch via Neiman Marcus
Blue Earrings - Christmas present from eons ago


  1. I love how you purchased those Reva's! Hope youd didn't have to go to Home Depot as a repayment! HA! You look lovely. I think I need to go score some of those tights for myself!

  2. Seriously those shoes are so cute they kill me. :) And of course, you look darling as ever. I try to channel you in the mornings when I look frumptastic

  3. That top is on sale for $39.99. I had to work hard to resist. And I LOVE THOSE SHOES. Um, remind me to show you the photos I took of the Valetinos I'm now obsessed with tomorrow.


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