Monday, November 2, 2009

UT Dress of Victory

This is my UT Dress of Victory... wearing it today in order to send good vibes to the BCS Bowl Gods, as well as the Gimme Gimme Football Tickets Gods.  Yes, that's right - the parental units have officially thrown their hats in the ring to attend the National Championship if the Horns make it this year and Evs and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon as well.  Let's hope all it takes for the right pieces to fall into place are a hope, a prayer, transferable plane tickets, and an orange wrap dress!

Orange Faux Wrap Dress - Banana Republic
Cami - Target
Serengeti Juliet Pumps - J.Crew
Skinny Metallic Headband - J.Crew
Blue Earrings - no clue... Xmas gift from dad, maybe?
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring - J.Crew


  1. Did you get that dress recently? I love orange on blondes! LOVE!

  2. GO HORNS GO!!! I am totes pulling for UT to pull this one out so you guys can go to the fabulous bowl!!!!!!!!!

  3. i LOVE orange! love it! you look fantastic!

    i'm not allowed to wear orange because of our hate for all things Clemson, but I wore orange on Friday for a JL Halloween function and I felt pretty dern good about myself. go orange! (don't tell Todd I said that!)

  4. that is a fabulous dress- i am still kicking myself for not picking it up last year! :(

  5. I love that dress! What a great color and it is a very flattering style.

  6. I looove that dress! the orange is so pretty!

  7. This orange is fantastic! Love the dress!

  8. Love that dress! I bought it last year for Clemson/fall/etc and get so many compliments every time I wear it. FYI: There is an almost identical version by Merona at Target available in the store in gray, eggplant, and forest green and on-line in black.

  9. Love the dress, hate the reason you're wearing it. :) Roll Tide.


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