Tuesday, December 8, 2009

call me cosby

We're getting creative over here at ITPitB!  New day, new weather forecast, new photo-taking-time.

Today, its just me... sittin' all casual-like on the Yellow Painterly Paisley.  You know, totally natural.

Pretty much in love with my Crazy Cosby Cardigan (sadly, not the official Anthropologie name). Funky covered buttons?  Check!  Teeny-tiny hook-and-eye closures to prevent Gaping Button Boobage?  Check!

Also?  GAP Always Skinnies?  SO EASY to tuck into boots (even these that pull on rather than zip up)!  Seriously, if you are looking for a pair of skinny jeans, you cannot beat these for $69!  {Which I am not just saying because I got these for promo-ing GAP - I've spent my own money on a second pair, I love them so much!}

"Crazy Cosby Cardigan" - Moth via Anthropologie
Creamsicle Silk Shell - Banana Republic
Always Skinny Jeans - GAP
Brown Leather Boots - Banana Republic
Amethyst & Gold Feather Earrings - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present
Hammered Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse


  1. Whoever thought to put hooks and eyes between cardigan buttons is a genius!

  2. Very cute! Way to be all skinny and cute even when sitting down. The sit test is the ultimate test of if an outfit is flattering.

  3. Seriously, skinny Minnie! Looking fabulous (as always).

  4. I do love the cardigan...but the earrings are my fav!


  5. Hook and eye closures are unfortunately no match for my boobs (why do these girls always want out?), but I am way jealous of everyone else in the world who can rock that look, like you are doing.

    You look adorable as always. Speaking of Bill Cosby, is it weird that I want to have a marriage just like the Huxtables? Cosby Show might have to be my next blog post.

  6. that cardi is cute- but I just love all of moth's stuff in general. those earrings are great!


  7. i was thisclose to buying those gap skinnies over thanksgiving. EFF.

  8. ok that's it. enough talk. I'm ordering these f-ing jeans immed.
    ps your sweater looks missoni. heart it.

  9. I call you Cosby!! Now, do the "Dentist" skit!

  10. you make me hate my clothes.

    ps that was a compliment.

  11. that sweater looks so cute on you! great outfit.


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