Sunday, December 13, 2009

chunky sweater repeat

This is one of those looks that Evs doesn't "get."  Apparently there's a bit too much layering going on and "a belt that seems to serve no purpose." 

Beh.  What does he know.

And, yep, wearing the same sweater from Monday... another newly discovered perk of unemployment?  Only the dog and the postman bear witness to my repeat wardrobe offenses! 

Chunky Black Sweater - Banana Republic
Silk Tunic Dress - Tucker via Gilt Groupe
Black Leggings - Hue via Nordstrom
Metallic Gunmetal "Lissie" Flats - Tory Burch via Neiman Marcus
Blue Drop Earrings - gift from eons ago
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present
Ivory and Gold Chunky Bangle - Banana Republic
Pink Faux Snakeskin Belt - The Limited


  1. very cute - and you make me laugh re: the belt, my husband doesn't get the "serves no purpose belt" either

  2. LMAO- man, Husbands. Mine is the same. I said, "There must be so much shit I wear that you absolutely hate" (I think I was showing him stuff in a magazine and he had been wrinkling his nose) and he goes, "No, of course not honey. When you wear it, it's fine."

    (Somebody has been rehearsing "THE RIGHT THINGS TO SAY TO THE WIFE" to himself in the bathroom mirror in the mornings while I'm still asleep, obvs.)

    Leopard print, layers, OMG DON'T EVEN GET HIM STARTED ON BOOTS (he hates all boots, even my beloved Fryes)- the awesome world of women's fashion is completely wasted on him, harrumph.

    I think you look fabulous, darling, and you're making me seriously want to try the leggings- I always feel they look unflattering on my legs (and make my legs look stumpier/shorter than they already are!), but the way you've paired them here is perfection. How tall are you, woman?

  3. oh yep, yep. My husband has no idea why I wear belts around sweaters. He actually said the exact same thing recently..."I still don't get the whole belting an open sweater thing, it doesn't hold anything up, but I think I get why you wear it?" It cute to watch him stumble aroud the world of fashion. :) Cute outfit!

  4. Mr. A is perplexed by my lack of belt wearing. Just can't win! And this is a greay way to wear a dress with a really bold color and tone it down a bit!

  5. sweater repeats just have to be okay sometimes! although, my life is so scatteredish that i should really keep a log of when i wear things and who i was with...

  6. your belt serves the ULTIMATE purpose. Creating a waist. How can he not get that?

  7. I love that you are so creative and daring with your wardrobe. It always turns out fantastic and you always look great. {Of coures I play it safe everyday}

  8. Precious outfit! It's totally normal to wear a sweater twice in a week. If anyone asks, tell them you're french.


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