Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, Confession: I used to be a bit secretly judgmental of the stay-at-home-types who schlepped around in glorified sweatsuits all day.  Is it that hard to get dressed?

Um, yes.

The Bitch Named Karma continues to rear its ugly head because, for the past two days, I've been the ultimate Sweat Suit Schlepper - and not even the cutesy, matching kind.  When your big daily date with functioning adult society consists purely of a couple hours at the gym and a grocery store run, I consider matching socks a victory.  And, as hard as I've tried to teach The Boom about accessorizing, she just looks at me funny if I fold laundry in a statement necklace.

So apologies for the lack of fashion-inspired posts.  HOWEVER, I do need some opinions...

Unemployment = No Shopping for Katers.  Exception: Free Stuff.  I wracked up enough credits on RueLaLa (join here!) to purchase this dress by Theory:

Full-body ruffles are not usually a look that I take a chance on since my body is, well, fuller.  But its a free dress, I love the color (aptly titled "black cherry" - a very deep raspberry), and I thought it might work for either a wedding I have in a couple of weeks or a party being thrown on my birthday (sadly, not a party for me).  But, alas, I'm not sure if this is a keeper or not:

Let's play Pro/Con:

- pretty color
- comfy
- allows for "fat days"
- my normal size fits!  (truth be told, this is not a reason to keep anything but since its made by notoriously-small Theory, I did do a little happy dance when I slid it on!)

- entirely too short to transition into day-wear, even with tights
- I feel like a bon-bon... and not in a "damn, I look delicious!" sort of way

Thoughts?  Opinions?  I'm leaning towards sending it back.  It is not a "need" piece.

Also - to answer some emails I received regarding the Wunder Under Pants by Lululemon:

- Yes, they are SUPER long - I can easily roll them up into capris if I want.  But!  Lululemon will hem any of their pants for free... even if you purchase online, take them into your nearest store and they'll fix you right up!

- I purchased the plain, ole, regular Wunder Unders... I can't vouch for any of the fleece-lined or amped up varieties... but I love all my Lululemon pieces so any of their inventory is worth a try!

- No, I do not have skinny legs.  In fact, they are feeling quite wobbly at the moment.  However, I do not feel like a cow in these... which is excellent.


  1. I think it's cute! I really like the color. I like the tights version better but could just be because it's tights weather.

  2. I love it but I can see why it's not perfect... because you're so tall, it's almost like the empire waist seam needs to come down more to give you a bit of definition at the waist before the ruffles start.

    It's cute... but if you're already doubting it, I vote send it back.

  3. Great color and for a ruffled dress, I don't think it looks bulky at all. I like it with the tights. Without, I don't like it as much. If you're anything like me, I would say return it. Unless I love something, it sits in the back of my closet and never gets worn.

  4. I love the dress too, looks great with the tights and doesn't look too short when paired with them.

    I'm with Sarah though, don't keep it if you don't LOVE it or feel 100% comfortable.

  5. I think that's a really pretty dress, but it looks like it came from the short people section. It doesn't look bulky, it just looks too small lengthwise, through the whole thing.

  6. I'm with Miss M - I would like it a LOT better if the ruffles came out from your waist instead of right under your bust. I say send it back.

    I did a ton of RueLaLa credit shopping myself today - hooray free money!

  7. I know you already tweeted that you are taking it back, but I think it looks great on you. You have great legs!

  8. It's a great Alabama Crimson color....

    Now send that thing back.

  9. It's a gorgeous dress and it looks great on you! But, if you are questioning where and when you are going to wear it, most likely you won't at all. So I would probably send it back and get something that you would get more use out of.

  10. It's a great dress, but not drool worthy, I say send it back and wait for the just right item to come along!

  11. I would send it back and wait until something you LOVE comes along. The ruffles comes up way to high for anybody who wears something larger then a b cup.

  12. I think it looks cute on, but looks like something that if you don't truly LOVE, you won't wear again. I'm going to agree with the rest and say send it back. YOu can find better!

  13. Short dresses tend to be in all the stores nowadays, and I've tried on numerous styles (even bought and returned one), but on girls taller than 5'5 I think they look like (a) you're a kid, (b) you've outgrown your dress, or *my personal favorite* (c) you could not afford enough fabric. Not sexy.

    Plus, it does not matter how skinny you are; if you're not super-ultra-model-skinny, this look does NOT flatter.

    Not to mention that I don't particularly like the high neck on the Theory dress.

    All this being said, the dress does not look terrible. But I know that you could rock a prettier number for a wedding/party. This is actually a little conservative looking for you, You tend to suit bold colors and prints and v-necks better (in my opinion). If anything, this could be worn for a Christmas dress, since it's a nice red raspberry color.

  14. I freaking love the dress and ahem, if you aren't keeping it SENDITTOME.

    (I also like your hair with it, you just need some fun earrings and some fun shoes and you'd be all set!)

    (I waaaant ittttt)

  15. The dress is darling. I'd love to see it with a set of opaque tights (even more than what you're wearing in the photo) and a pair of wedgy or flat boots. Grey tights/boots would work too.

    Just my two cents.

  16. I like the dress..even though I would never be able to wear it. Not a dress for someone with big boobs..but I DO like it with the leggings and maybe with a cute sparkly black jacket for a party. :)

  17. Hmm. I agree with everyone who felt that the bodice of the dress was too short. And if you have to talk yourself into it today, you'll be talking yourself into it every freakin day from now on. I say return.

  18. i would send the dress back... it doesn't do great things for your chest - and we all want great things for our chest. i'm also in agreement that the waist hits you at an add section of your torso.

    and yes, you've got skinny legs

  19. top ruffle too high, hemline too short. in 'theory' it's gorgeous, but in practice it does you no justice.

  20. I really like it-- could you put a skinny black belt at the empire to give it more shape? That might be super-cute!


  21. I really like it with the tights, but I agree with the other girls.. If you're already doubting it, return it.

    Regarding your comment about the stay at home women in sweatsuits, I used to make the same judgments. Now that I'm studying for the bar and my only encounter with society is at the gym or bar review class (which is at night by the way), I'm finding it so hard/somewhat pointless to get ready each day. I consider putting on makeup a victory. The hair can stay in a ponytail and my outfits aren't very inspired anymore.. Karma is a bitch!

  22. I think you've already made your decision (hey! i'm 9 hrs ahead, give me a break!). It IS a cute dress, liked it with the tights.

    and thank you for your comment re: stay at home ladies. I used to think I wasn't being creative, girls' lunches or dates with the hubs are the highlights of my days because it means I have to actually THINK about what i'm wearing! until then - PJs for life! and non-chi-ed hair

  23. i think you rock that dress.

  24. Your legs are SMOKIN!

    Also, funny on the stay at home front: my word verification thingy was 'baking'. Go do some of that, woman. HA HA

  25. Looks better with the tights, but I don't love the neckline very much. I'd send it back since it's not as fabulous as many of your other dresses! Just my opinion :)

  26. If you don't LOVE it send it back and wait for something better to come across ruelala. Plus since it is super short you may not feel totally comfortable in it, especially dancing at a wedding reception. The last thing you want is a cheek slip!

  27. its a keeper because it's so short. Until I saw it on you I was going to say no. It has the potential to look maternity. But the shortness makes it. I heart it on you!

  28. I say keep it, sad you are sending back!

  29. Keep it! Its looks fabulous on you... thats a really good color on you!


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