Friday, June 25, 2010

Casual Friday Polo Dress

Two posts in 1 hour - major, I know!

My mom actually pointed out this Lands' End polo dress to me... just like Ralph L's but half the price!  I love it for running errands in the summer (although Evs hates it and calls it the Shapeless Wonder) and it even works for Casual Fridays when paired with my favorite Heritage cardigans! 

Navy Mesh Polo Dress - Lands' End
Blue Lagoon "Heritage" Cardigan - Lands' End Canvas
Gunmetal "Lissie" Flats - Tori Burch
Pearl Studs - not a clue


  1. I went to Sears to buy a new grill a few months ago and came across Lands End, my newfound love of the brand, and this dress. It is a bit shapeless on me and too big, but I pair mine with a sweater and belt and it does the trick!

  2. Oh LEC ... I have spent way too much money there this summer. And I don't feel so badly about my 3 heritage cardigans after seeing your collection!


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