Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend wear

This weekend, we had the pleasure of dinning with Evs' boss, Evs' summer clerk, and both of their lovely wives. It's so nice to enjoy an evening with work people where you don't have to feel "on"... and where you enjoy the most delectable mustard cream sauce you've ever had the pleasure of dipping your fingers halibut in!  

I was planning on busting out a fancy white sundress that hasn't seen the light of day since our honeymoon (hence the reason that I only purchased one of these types of "bridal ensembles"... where do girls wear all these white dresses after the festivities are over???), but this little pink number called to me from the window of Ann Taylor... 

... and I'm super-psyched to transform it into work-wear this week!  It's the exact type of frock I look for to serve dual-purposes... flirty details, fun fabric, but a classic and none-too-sexy cut.  You better believe there will be a Bold Sun or Bright Orange Heritage Cardigan over this new addition in the coming days!  

Satin Marigold "Carmen" Peep Toes - J. Crew (wedding shoes!)
Sunglasses - Banana Republic
White Enamel Necklace - Banana Republic (gift)
Bauble Cocktail Ring - J.Crew 


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're back! Don't ever leave us again! ;)

  2. Oh cute dress! :) I love Ann Taylor so much.

  3. I'm ready for my free dinners to start any time now...where are those damn clerks, Mr. A?

    (cute dress)

  4. Ahh I would die if Evan's firm scheduled us for a dinner next month! Please tell me you're coming to all of the events?

  5. Totally not the topic of this blog, but I know from your other blog that you love cooking too, so I just had to throw this out there. . .if you loved that mustard cream sauce, I have an amazing recipe for either chicken breasts or lean pork chops with a mustard cream pan sauce. So good. Email me if you're interested in the recipe. (I'm a personal chef and caterer, if credentials lend any credibility.)

  6. I love this dress! Your outfits never disappoint.

  7. Cute dress! I need to go shopping for multi-event dresses... when I'm officially done with my shopping ban.

    I clicked your Rue La La button, but it seems to go to Gilt Groupe. I applied for a job with Rue La La last week, and was hoping to snag an invite so I could do some job research. Thoughts?

  8. I love this dress! I just ordered its twin from LOFT today! I'm really excited to get it - and now I'm even more excited! You look wonderful in this dress and the vibrant color really compliments your coloring :)


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