Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ultimate Panel Trouser Maternity Jean


It's been awhile!

I fully admit that vanity played heavily into my hiatus.  Ye ol' uterus squatter has been doing a number on my energy, skin, and mid-section... not to mention my wardrobe.  1,983% worth it, of course, but I'd be lying if I said I've been hung-ho about my appearance these past few months.  

But.... ahhhh... there it is... Second Trimester!  My energy's {mostly} back which means I've become reacquainted with my hairdryer and mascara.  And, this week {#14, if anyone's keeping track}, I swallowed my pride and fully embraced maternity pants!  And they feel delicious! 

For the most part, my tops and dresses still work, but, since the BellaBand and I never got along, my bottoms are ready for a stretchy-waistband-type-makeover.  

And so here we are. 

Apologies for starting this new phase in ITPitB with such a boring ensemble, but that's just how the cookie crumbles... But! I am really thrilled to review GAP's new Ultimate Panel Trouser Maternity Jeans**... 

Black "Bra Friendly" Tank - SNUG Camisoles
Eggplant "Heritage" Cardigan - Lands End Canvas
Gunmetal "Lissie" Flats - Tory Burch
Yellow "Danielle" Earrings - Kendra Scott 

With their super dark wash and wide trouser leg, these jeans are perfect for casual workdays.  GAP's new "ultimate panel" is higher in the back and lower in the front.  I'm told this provides support for back and {my currently "squint-or-you'll-miss-it"} belly.


{Sizing Note: These are my regular GAP denim size in the Long length.} 

I bought two of these SNUG camisoles** when they were on sale at Zulily.  I should have bought every color - these things are amazing.  They are not maternity wear, but are a super stretchy, super long, one-size-fits-all {sizes 0-24} tank so they work great for those with or without buns in zee oven.  They do not bunch or ride up up... a rarity!  Also, they are thin, but not too thin - I feel like I can wear them with an unbuttoned cardigan and not look as if I'm walking around in my underwear in public.  Good stuff all around.  {Although, WARNING: their website could use a revamp... quite amateurish and, sometimes, like an online retailer for strippers.}  

Mamas or mamas-to-be: What are some of your favorite maternity brands?  

**As a GAP Brand Ambassador, I was given a pair of these jeans by GAP as a gift.  I was not asked, nor do I feel obligated, to review them... But I like them so much that I wanted to share with y'all!  The SNUG camisole was not a freebie... Just another product I'm excited to have discovered. 


  1. Yay, you're back!! So excited. You look super cute, as always. P.S. I bought a white ceramic Fossil watch per your recommendation (I ended up with the Mini Allie) - I love it!

  2. For a cheap fix, Forever 21 Maternity was a lifesaver for me. I never felt comfortable spending $$ on maternity clothes, so their leggings saved me through the winter. I wore the same Gap black maternity pants for a large chunk of my pregnancy, and Liz Lange for Target can be hit or miss, you just have to keep checking!

  3. You look great! Aren't those cardigan's the best?

  4. You look great and I love those trousers! I'm currently 28 1/2 weeks (gasp! the weeks are flying by!!) and a few of my favorite maternity stores are Gap and A Pea in the Pod. There are a few great maternity boutiques in Houston and I have found that the Olian brand has great work pants and other business casual options. I also shopped at Anthro and JCrew for awhile as they have a lot of tops that you'll be able to wear for some time. Hope this helps!

  5. Love your outfits!

    I also loved Gap faves were a 5 pocket ponte pant last fall.. Thick like a legging, jean styling, black that didn't fade. I started wearing them with boots, then with flats when donning boots became a herculean effort. They were the no panel design, so I did wear them with the Belly Band, but my job was very active...I think if you were just at a desk or at dinner they would be great! I don't see them this year, but even the non-maternity version might work for a little while. Also wore their Modern Boot jeans too. I found the Old Navy skinny maternity jeans to be awesome as well, and cheap! I splurged on a pair of AG skinny cords from Pea and a Pod which I may try to wear this year with long tops--so soft and comfortable. I also wore their tops and leggings--they have great sales so check them out.

    Ann Taylor Loft also has a small maternity section--last year I got a pretty sweaterdress in the last month to have for "dressier" occasions and it was a great value.

    Hope this helps!

  6. I actually found Old Navy's maternity selection to be quite nice. Since you don't need the clothing to last years and years, Old Navy quality fits the bill for me.

  7. i got away with the belly band for most of my pregnancy and bought a larger size top. my favorite jeans were the heidi klum under belly skinny jeans from motherhood. other than pants, i didn't wear true maternity clothes until my 31st week.

  8. Maternity pants RULE. Jeans were super hard for me to find - I swear I must have tried on twenty different brands before falling in love with a freaking $200 pair of Joe's Jeans from A Pea In The Pod. I wore the HELL out of them though. :)

    Also, for at home regular (not maternity) Juicy Couture terry pants are low enough that they fit PERFECTLY under my belly and I wore them through my entire pregnancy and beyond!

  9. The first pair of maternity pants I tried on were glorious! As in, why didn't I embrace them sooner, glorious?

    I really like the GAP trousers, but for jeans I went with Pea in the Pod. The Bellaband (and other like it) didn't work for me either. I think it has to do with my hip to waist ratio, but it just didn't work. The darn thing just rolled up above my hips and didn't help to keep my pants on.

    I also like the Gap for tops and Target has a good casual selection. The hardest thing for me has been finding good professional clothes that don't break the bank. I mean, we do have baby things to buy as well! Of course, now that I'm 32 weeks I'm feeling a bit snug in everything, but like you said, so worth it.

  10. Itty bitty bump! Love it. I miss my old navy maternity skinny jeans (although apparently those are out and wide leg is back...I suck at trendiness). Check out ASOS for fun maternity dresses...slooooow but free shipping from the UK.

  11. i love this look! especially loving the eggplant cardigan!

  12. I started following you a little while before your hiatus, and I wasn't aware of your good news! Congratulations!

  13. Congrats! I'm one week behind you! I need pants in the worst way but have been sticking to dresses and elastic skirts so far. I need to check gap out!


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