Monday, September 28, 2009

black suit + polka dots

Admittedly, I wish my first real post were a bit more exciting, but we're all about honesty here at I Take Photos in the Bathroom and a minor work emergency this morning + a court hearing scheduled = slightly more boring work attire than is the norm.

Black Suiting Jacket - custom tailored by Brioni of Bangkok
Silver & White Polka Dotted Silk Trapeze Cami - J. Crew 
A-line Pleated Skirt  - Banana Republic Outlet
Black Suede and Patent "Harper" Pumps - J. Crew
Micropave "Mirrorball" Stud Earrings - Banana Republic

I am a huge fan of this skirt!  I also have it in brown and wear both to work all the time - usually when I'm required to be in court as its more conservative than my pencil skirts but the pleats are still feminine without being to school-girlish.

My jacket was custom tailored last August on our trip to Thailand.  I probably got ripped off on several of the pieces I ordered, but this has become an absolute staple.  Actually, truth be told, it lives in my office so that I always have a jacket to throw on in case of emergencies.  And when I actually plan on wearing a black jacket, I just throw it on upon arrival in the morning!

The top is also a favorite - I originally purchased it as part of last year's NYE outfit and wear it with jeans all the time.  I haven't taken my jacket off today but if I were shooting for a more relaxed look (or if it weren't freakin' 58 degrees in the office), I'd probably tuck the top in to give the whole look a bit more shape.  With pencil skirts, I always leave tops untucked, except on the very rare occasions that I wear a button-down. 

Oh.  And yes, that is a version of the Topsy-Tail you see there in the mirror.  Don't hate.  Messy bun + topsy-tail that shit = instant, non-80-year-old-secretary-looking, work appropriate updo!  


  1. Glad you're doing this - love your bathroom posts!

  2. Love the pumps! and I'd love to hear more about and maybe see a closer picture of the topsy tail bun... I used to rock the topsy tail do, and I've been trying out some new messy bun looks...

  3. I love your main blog, and your bathroom photo shoots are my favorite! I have started thinking about doing this on my blog as well! Anyway, I love your style and clothes and your bathroom this blog should be a complete success! P.S. you need to teach us how to do the topsy tail bun! That is cute and I have no idea what to do to acheive that hairstyle.

  4. this is so exciting! Do you take submitted bathroom pics?


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