Tuesday, September 29, 2009

geometrics + ruffles

Note: Sadly, the photos from my header are not of my own closet.  They are all from the late, great Domino Magazine (RIP).  My closets (I have three... Our house was built in 1929 = minuscule closets and bathrooms) are no where near as inspiring... Let's just say it would be very difficult to sip a martini and fluff my hair in any one of them without splashing vodka all over my dorm-room-style plastic drawers and bins. So... the anti-glamorous closets, really.  

Happily for me (and hopefully for you!), I had a little more fun rummaging around the ol' wardrobe today!  And I found a new dress to which I can successfully add my latest accessory obsession: my black
Heart of Light ruffle belt (convo Rachel for a custom order all your own!).  

Sincerest apologies in advance for the (a) sad attempt at the ANTM "Broke-Down Model" pose, as well as (b) the "Cheerleader on Crack" pose. 

Belt Detail

I'm totally digging these new bangles - my very first purchase off of Gilt Fuse (less $$$ than normal Gilt).  Except for the fact that the two bracelets that resemble coral feel like a cheese grater on my skin when I slip them on.  Boo.  Hiss.  But the set does make a lovely tinkling sound when I type... like little fairies harmonizing whilst baking cheese straws!  Mmmm cheese straws...

I fear this shall be the last season for these shoes - I probably should have retired them in '08 but I'm kind of obsessed with the detailing and overall shape of the shoe.

Dress - BCBG (normally worn with a skinny, double-wrap belt)
Ruffle Belt - Heart of Light 
Purple Tights - J. Crew
Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse
Libby Dangle Earrings - Sonya Renee 
Suede Menswear Mary Janes - BCBGirls via eBay


  1. Love it! I really like your purple tights! I have been wanting some colored tights, but I didn't really know how to wear them. Maybe I should go buy some...we will see.

  2. LOVE that belt. Thanks for the scoop on where to find it!

  3. Love the tights with the ensemble.

  4. Dig the tights. I wasn't sure if I was too early for tights. You proved me wrong.
    ps, check out the new blog design! I'm so sparkly excited about it www.martinisordiapergenies.com

  5. What a great belt! I hate retiring loved shoes, I have a pair of brown knee length pointy toe leather nine west slouchy boots, that are simply fantastic, and I'm afraid with their pointy toes, this may be the last season for them too!

  6. love that you started this - i heart fashion blogs! and super cute outfit!


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