Wednesday, September 30, 2009

silky tunic + pencil skirt

This morning I rediscovered one of my favorite tops that I hadn't worn in forever... Great with jeans (regular or skinny with boots), great with work pants, great with pencil skirts - this is one of those tops (or "blouses," as my Mama J would say) that makes me feel cute on even the worst PMS-y days.  Plus, the colors (dark purple, turquoise, cream and dark chartreuse) work with both black and brown.

Today, I paired the Magical Top with a black pencil skirt, gold jewelry, and my besties, the J. Crew "Serengeti" Juliet Pumps.  Oh, and Marc.  Can't forget about Marc - my constant companion!  This is another example of a work ensemble that, if the need were to arise, I could throw on my "safety jacket" and be good to go to a client meeting or down to the courthouse.

Note: This shot was intended to highlight the sassy little pleats at the bottom of the skirt... not my pancake bum.

Magic Top - by Gibson, via Nordstrom
Black Pencil Skirt - Michael by Michael Kors, via Nordstrom
Juliet "Serengeti" Pumps - J. Crew
Gold and Amethyst Earrings - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse
Gold Chain Link Necklace - J. Crew
Chunky Gold Bangle - Coach
Bag - Marc Jacobs


  1. That top looks so great on, but if I were to see it in a store I would have walked right by it without looking twice... Now I know better :) Also, I'm amazed that you always remember where you bought something... I so often forget where I get items that are in my closet... tried the topsy tail bun with no success this morning... looks great on you, on me it was a heavy, loose mess!

  2. That is one cute outfit! I love your hair by the way! Haha! I always love your hairstyles! You must do a post on what you did to get that style! Did you hot roll?

  3. you look awesome! i love your top. have you ever been busted while taking pics in the bathroom??

  4. I love this! My favorite yet. There is a tunic-y type shirt at Banana right now that I want to get but wasn't sure how to wear it to work.


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