Thursday, October 1, 2009

feminine details + hardware

Its muggy, muggy, muggy today with gray skies and sprinkles (not the happy, rainbow colored kind) plus my roots have reached the stage of atrociousness... the sort of day that calls for a Fashion Pick-Me-Up!

This Shoshana purchase from RueLaLa has been one of this year's favorites - fabulous for more a more subdued cocktail event (originally purchased for dinner with Evs' boss / a friend's rehearsal dinner), it works equally as well for the office when paired with a cardigan.  Bonus points: take it to work, then magically transform the look with nary a costume change on your way to happy hour!

Love, love, love the chain belt and the gold buttons contrasting with the ruffled collar!  I like to add a bit more hardware by mixing a chunky bangle with a few skinny ones.  Top it off with a soft petal-y cardy, and its the perfect mix of sweet and sass!

There are no words for these shoes except WOW and OW.  They are the loveliest pair in my closet but they hurt like a bitch.  Totally worth it though.

Navy Ruffle Dress w/ Belt - Shoshana via RueLaLa
Petal Cardigan - J. Crew
Metallic Blush Headband - J. Crew
Coin Necklace - Family Heirloom
Ivory and Gold Chunky Bangle - Banana Republic
Skinny Hammered Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse
Tan Leather & Black Patent Pumps - Christian Louboutin


  1. Cute cute! I had that Shoshanna dress in my cart at Ruelala and then told myself I didn't need it. I really regret that decision now!

  2. Want. Need. Must-Have. Love love love. You are full of fabulousness today.... and well, always! xxoo

  3. I've been following you on EA for awhile and am loving the new fashion posts. I was just looking at the petal cardigan the other day and think I may need to put it in my shopping bag. As for the shoes, you're a brave woman. I wish I could suck it up and wear pretty shoes, but the blisters always win.

  4. The dress is GORGEOUS -- and a lovely color too!

  5. Great outfit, perfect for a rainy day pick me up... how disappointing that you're louboutin's are uncomfortable, you would think they would be the most comfortable shoes ever for how expensive they are!

  6. you and I are in the same boat with the roots situation my dear...and the stupid guy I go to isn't back until oct. 14th! its going to be a rough couple of weeks. i think i'm going darker again....mwhahahaha

  7. Great dress - love the bangles. Okay - I have to make a totally embarassing confession. I'm looking at these pictures and wondering to myself "Hmmm, why doesn't she wear a wedding ring? Interesting." So, I scroll down and check other pictures and confirm - no wedding ring on the "left" hand. About two posts down I finally remember the pictures are reflections in the mirror and I've been looking at the wrong damn hand. Me = idiot. But I did get a good chuckle at my own expense. Thought you might be amused by my stupidity as well!

  8. Dude that dress is freaking adorable and I covet.

  9. This dress suits you. I like your hair from yesterday the best. How do you get those cool waves/curls?

  10. Your blog is so fun and I love this outfit!


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