Wednesday, October 14, 2009

black suit + ...meh

My outfit today is a bit... meh.  Not so exciting.  The Weather Situation (calls for capital letters when you haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks and you live in TEXAS) left me wholly uninspired this morning.  Can't be a legal fashionista every day, I suppose.

I was informed this morning by my dear husband that this is my "Mrs. Doubtfire Skirt."  Its always so lovely to have one's stylings compared to that of a middle-aged man cross-dressing as an elderly Scottish woman - especially at 6 AM.

The medallion necklace was a graduation gift from Evs.  While I'm usually not crazy about items overly-emblazoned with brand logos, (exception to the rule) this piece works for me.  Bonus Points: Its very delicate and extremely light, but its held up extremely well without any special treatment (ie: it gets thrown back into the tangle of my other jewelry after every wear).  Go Coach!

Black Suit "Safety" Jacket - Brioni of Bangkok
Silk Camel Sweater - Banana Republic
Black, Pleated "Mrs. Doubtfire" Suit Skirt - Banana Republic
Black Tights - Hue
Black Suede & Patent "Harper" Pumps - J.Crew
Gold Mini-Discs Earrings - Sonya Renee
Gold Medallion Necklace - Coach
Hammered Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt


  1. I don't think it's "meh" at all - I think you look great! The sweater is beautiful and while I tend to agree with you about brand logos (excepting of course the almighty LV, which I would probably tattoo on my forehead for the right number of LV handbags)I think that necklace is beautiful. The Coach logo is understated.

  2. You look great! It's just the weather that makes you feel blah. I am sick of rain in Georgia too.

  3. hi! i'm a new follower :)

    i love your outfits. very inspiring!

  4. I love this necklace! Very cute.


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