Thursday, October 15, 2009

peacock colors + ponytail

Today I'm sporting a dress that I bought at Nordstrom's Final Sale for next to nothing - and because of the great price, great color, and great detailing, I really, really wanted this dress to be... GREAT(!!!).  Well, its okay.  Its definitely a 100% straight column dress, which is not the most flattering on my shape.  The knit is a nice weight so it doesn't show any errant bulges but I am hyper-aware of my posture in this dress (which I suppose is a good thing) and often get the feeling like maybe I should be sucking in (a not-so-good thing).

Unfortunately, belting this one doesn't do any good, but a jacket looks half-way decent over it.

I do love the detailing on the dress, however.  Oh, and that's a mole, not a chesticle-zit, btw.

Moral of the story?  I would never have kept this dress were it full price, but for $25, it stayed merely as another work-appropriate knit option (plus, it was final sale so I didn't really have a choice to return the sucker).

On to the TBs... Oh Tory.  Your shoes are pretty.  And have that Brand Whore Appeal.  But hot damn, girl! For once, you make a shoe that doesn't fall apart (I had to return my now-retired black Revas TWICE for loose stitching), but your medallion-placement is killing my!  The rest of the shoe is relatively comfortable (and I looove the heel) but, after a day in these, my puppies be barking right around the big toenail area!

Teal Ruffle-Neck Knit Dress - Suzi Chin via Nordstrom
(per usual) Black "Safety" Suit Jacket - Brioni of Bangkok
Purple Tights - J.Crew
Black Suede Medallion Pumps - Tory Burch via Gilt Groupe
Skinny Metallic Blush Headband - J.Crew
Gold Flower Earrings - J.Crew
Gold Chain Link Necklace (double wrapped) - J.Crew
Ivory and Gold Bangle - Banana Republic


  1. If, by "not the most flattering on my shape" you mean "supa fly and sexy," then I totally agree! I think it looks great on you. I know what you mean about FEELING that way though, and for me it's especially true with the side-view on dresses like these. But in my opinion you look tall (grr jealous) and slender!

  2. I adore the dress with the jacket over it! So cute :)

  3. I like how you paired the bright blue dress with the purple tights. Cute! Good to know about the revas falling about. I have been dying for a pair but being a college student and all that they are quite pricey for me!

  4. Dang I hate it when a belt does nothing, but I LOVE that jacket overtop! You are so my fashion inspiration! :) Also, those shoes... I DIE. I LOVE tb! :)

  5. I love the dress, and of course the emergency jacket! I can't believe you're wearing tights in Dallas, here in Austin we are in the super humid 80's and tights, even indoors might just suffocate me!

  6. I give your outfit 4 stars. YOU know how to make business casual work. I. do. not.
    please read my post today on business casual attire. I need your advice.


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