Friday, October 16, 2009

casual friday fail

So I had a hearing scheduled this morning - a real, Big Girl Lawyer hearing (of sorts).  Yes, I was bummed to forgo my Casual Friday Attire, but you know, professional growth and all that.

Yeah.  No hearing.  Judge is sick.  Email sent as I pulled into the parking lot... wearing my suit.

Now I'm stuck in the brown version of the Mrs. Doubtfire Skirt.  And a boring sweater (actually, I love this sweater.  Its another cheapie find from Old Navy that has proved quite well-made over the years).  Luckily I keep this pashmina in my office (straight from India via my fabulous friend Dr. Jacq), so at least I can be colorful and snuggly (AND thematically attired for this weekend's Red River Shootout!).

I love the gold-tipped strap / buckle on these Mary Janes!

Cream Cable Knit Sweater - Old Navy
Brown Suit (jacket not shown / in the car) - Banana Republic
Brown Mary Janes - Banana Republic
Orange Pashmina - bridesmaid gift
Skinny Blush Metallic Belt - J.Crew
Bauble Cocktail Ring - J. Crew

Tune in tomorrow for a Special Saturday Edition a/k/a What I Wore to the Texas / OU Game!

Happy Casual (if you're lucky) Friday! 


  1. Question- do you brush your hair right before the pics? Or is it always so pantene-hair like? Um no, I'm not jealous at all, ;)

  2. I have that sweater in pink! Wore it Monday :)

  3. I think that is a cute outfit! The new blog motivates me to get out of my sweats for the day.

  4. What a fun game to go to! I hope you enjoy it!

    I have a question for you, I just bought my first pair of high waist wide leg jeans, they are a dark (I mean really dark) indigo wash... I love them! But so many of my t-shirts are black I feel like I don't have anything to wear them with, any suggestions?

  5. I love love love your blog! Just found it and going to follow. Great outfits

  6. That stinks you couldn't wear your jeans! You look cute in your suit at least! I really love pashminas and I have this place by my office that sells great ones straight from India. They are cheap between 15 to 30 bucks. I swear it is my nemesis at breaktime.

  7. I saw this on etsy and thought of you

  8. what happened to the special Saturday edition!?

  9. nice blog


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