Thursday, October 8, 2009

flowy tunic + leopard print

Its disgusting out today - already 73 degrees this morning, all the windows of the house were steamed up when I awoke, and major thunderstorms are headed our way... sticky, sticky, sticky!  But when the tights have been unleashed, there's no going back.  I might look a-fool outside, but inside, where corporate masterminds dwindle their fortunes away on A/C bills, I am happy as a clam!

The tunic dress arrived cheerily in my In-Box yesterday... free with Gilt credit!  Which Evs likes to point out is not actually free, but we'd never get anywhere with that Glass Half-Empty Attitude now would we?  I'm digging it even more paired with black leggings and either booties or stilettos but I'm not sure AF is ready for that look just yet.

Edited to add: I was just told by a (male, obvs) colleague:  "Wow!  You look bright today... like a big orange peel!"  This is my life.  Everyday.

You may have guessed by now that I throw "leopard" in the same category as "black" and "tan."  I've gotten more wear out of my Serengeti Juliets than any other shoe in my closet - they are the only animal print item I own and, were a fire to break out in the house in the middle of the night, I might just make a little pit stop to the shoe rack to save these puppies (although I suppose if my originals ended up charred, I could justify purchasing the new model... hmmmmm).

Close-up of the neck-detail and my latest attempt at funky necklace layering.  The gold coin (look closely - its a cheery rooster!) has a lovely story that I shall share someday when I'm not itching for a huge cup of coffee, but Mi Padre had the coin set into a necklace as a wedding gift - muy, muy especial a mi!

Silk Tie-Waist Tunic Dress - Tucker via Gilt
Grey Tights - (damn) J. Crew
Serengeti Juliet Pumps - J. Crew
Turquoise Necklace - Christmas gift from eons ago
Gold Coin Necklace - family heirloom / wedding gift


  1. Hey there orange peel! Enjoy the oppressive weather... this Statesman forecast's attempt at humor almost makes it okay!

    Hope the nasty leaves Austin & Dallas soon. It needs to be tights weather outdoors, too.

  2. Cute! You inspired me with your belted jacket the other I have a red silk Banana top with a brown Limited cardigan and a skinny tan Banana belt over it. It is tres cute and I thought of this blog when I put it together today! Thought you would like to know that! You are inspiring girls out of their fashion rut! haha! Have a good one!

  3. The orange peel comment sounds like something the preppy boyfriend would say! A while ago we were visiting his family and going to church, and I was wearing a long pencil skirt, a long-ish jcrew cardigan and the victoria cami, and over the cardigan I had on a skinny belt... The PBF looked at me and said "don't you think that belt is a little out of proportion and weird on the outside of your sweater?" to which I replied... it's a jcrew thing...

  4. I'm too lazy to have an original thought. Please see Vicki above. She nailed it on the head.

    Original thought: You inspire me to wear color and prints in a non color/ non print corporate world.

  5. I almost bought this dress on Gilt and now seeing how fab it looks on you I'm sad I didn't :( I love that you wear bright colors to makes me feel like I'm not the only one wearing yellows/oranges/pinks in the sea of corporate blacks. I'm wearing a bright yellow shirt today and I've definitely gotten a few "what the heck are you wearing" looks...


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