Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sweater dress + purple legs

It seems as though I am willing Fall to stick around and play... my tights collection was officially unearthed last week and sweaters, etc. were released from their airtight, anti-moth chambers (um, aka those ugly garment bags in the back closet) on Monday.  Now if only the 50 degree morning weather would stay 50 degrees so I don't look overzealous come noontime.

This sweater dress from J.Crew (last season) is one of those "teeheehee, I'm wearing something totally comfy to the office and no one knows!" staples.  Its a bit casual, but it looks semi-legit with the Black Safety Jacket and even more so with dark tights.

The beaded floral accent is fun without being too much bedazzlement for the office.

The stacked-heel loafers are another fabulous Nike Air Technology by Cole Haan that I scored off of Gilt last year.  They aren't quite as cushy as the boots, but they are still preferable to your average pump.

And those freakin' J.Crew tights... do not purchase these!  I love the bright color but this is their 2nd wear and you can see near the heel where they are already boasting weak spots ripe for a run.  I have these spots all over both pairs that I purchased for $16.50 a pop.  The ones I purchased from Banana last season (for $15) are still going strong after tons of wears and washes.  I've also heard great things about Hue and Wolford from some very reliable sources.  Moral of the story: I AM DONE WITH YOUR TIGHTS, J. CREW! {Please note, J. Crew, that I said nothing about the rest of your collection... if you'd like to make the Tights Drama up to me, I'll take one of these and one of these, please.  Thank you.}

Grey Cashmere Sweater Dress - J. Crew
Purple Tights - J. Crew
Stack-Heel Patent Loafers - Cole Haan via Gilt
Triple Strand Black Bead Necklace - Banana Republic
Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse


  1. I love my stacked heel loafers- such a preppy 70's vibe to them.

  2. Adorable dress. I highly recommend Spanx tights. The quality is great and they last through numerous washes. Plus, they have that awesome "look like you woke up 5 pounds lighter" factor. And who doesn't love that? I'm not sure if they come in fun colors like the purple you're wearing, but they do have basics like black, brown, charcoal, gray, etc.

  3. I second what "for the love" said. Spanx has the best tights out there, trust me, i've tried them all. They are super thick, so you never get stretched or weak spots. This season the basic tights come in like 20 different colors. Spanx is hip to the trends!

    Spanx also carries a ton of patterned tights as well. They are a bit pricey at $26 bucks a pop, but two pairs of black tights will get you through the entire season, no sweat.

  4. You look amazing! Isn't grey such a fun color that's not actually a color?! I love wearing grey and you look amazing in it-- especially in the purple tights. But, yes, go for cheap and go for Hue! I've owned one black pair for 3 years and they're going strong.

    You make me miss the law firm bathrooms. Those law firms know that the ladies need huge full-length mirrors.

  5. boo jcrew tights! i have a couple pairs from previous seasons that are still going strong. glad to know they're not holding up. wolfords are ah-mazing, and though they are spendy, they're worth it.

  6. For The Love is right - Spanx are fantastic tights. I do love Hue, but Spanx give me that extra confidence (meaning, a flat tummy!)

    I love the dress!

  7. Love your dress. Love your accessories. Love that fall is here--er, at least in Dallas. Send some of that in Austin's direction, por favor!

  8. good necklace bracelet combo. I appreciate the non matchy matcherson

  9. I have that dress too, in blue, and it is my favorite thing in the entire world.

    And dude, we must chat about the Wolfords.


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