Tuesday, October 20, 2009

queries answered + chinese lanterns

It seems inquiring minds (most lovely, some not) want to know a few things.**  And being the trained circus animal I am, I shall gladly answer:
  • Yep, guilty as charged... Most photos on here are taken soon after a good hair-brushing.  Those Pantene bitches are super-human and should be cordoned off from the rest of society. 
  • Cowboy Boots How-To:  While they might feel a bit foreign to those who didn't grow up in the Southwest, Western-style boots really can be worn with any outfit you'd normally pair with casual non-Western boots - they are all over the glossy mags this season!  {See here, here, and here for celeb inspiration.}  Seriously, tuck your skinny jeans into them, pair them with flowy dresses and skirts (tights or bare-legged), or go old-school with bootcut jeans and a cute top - it all works!
  • No, no, no.  My header is not fashioned from photos of my real closet.  If that was reality, you wouldn't find me here... I'd be whirling like a dervish with my arms out-thrown, basking the glory of all that cashmere, 24/7. {Header photos from now-defunct - devastating - Domino Mag}
  • High-Waisted Jeans: Elle, you get a Super Brave Fashionista Gold Star for this purchase!  High-waisted jeans look terrible on me (think: J. Simps Debacle), but on others, I love their vintage vibe!  I don't think sticking to your basic black is too boring with the right accessories (case in point)... same with bright whites!
  • And finally, this blog is written completely on my own time with the help of modern technology, the magical scheduled-posting function, PDAs (of the iPhone variety - not the too-much-smoochy variety), lunch breaks, mellowcreme pumpkins, and tiny elves in fur caps.  I may choose to spend money on impractical footwear, but I'm not an idiot.  Unless we're talking about world geography.  Then I'm an imbecile. 
Woo hoo!  Chinese Lantern Skirt Time!

I've had this skirt for seven years now and I still love it!  Its a French Connection purchase from a trip to NYC with mi madre.  I can't remember why I so wanted to go to FCUK (probably Evs' favorite brand because of its acronym - ahhh maturity), but we walked all over the damn city looking for a location.  This fruit of that labor has without a doubt proved worth the pavement pounded - the lanterns still make me smile and have been known to cause spontaneous bouts of twirling.

Black Turtleneck - Banana Republic
Lantern Circle Skirt - French Connection
Juliet "Serengeti" Pumps - J.Crew
Long Medallion Necklace - Coach
Ivory and Gold Bangle - Banana Republic

**As an Only Child and Semi-Reformed Know-It-All, I welcome all respectful comments and inquiries and will always attempt to answer in some form or fashion, if called upon to do so.


  1. I'm an only child too. Arent' we a special bunch?

    Cute outfit -- I love classic skirts like that.

    Also, I was reading previous posts and I don't think that skirt was "Mrs. Doubtfirey" at all! Maybe because I have one really similar to it.

    I have a question for you... what is your dress code at your firm? Biz casual? Biz formal for court? What are your shoe rules?

    My company is biz casual (no casual Fridays) and shoes can either be open toe or open back, but not both. Kind of silly considering most of the high tech clients I work with don't even have a dress code.

  2. Loving that look- actually sporting near the exact same one today- black turtleneck, full skirt and my chain! Hee. I feel so much better about my own disheveled do now- thanks for the hairdo honesty :)

  3. I can't believe someone asked about your time at work... what a nosy nelly! Obviously you're an adult and can manage your time, and AF probably wouldn't tolerate anything less. Silly people.

    Mmmmmmmm mellowcreme pumpkins.

  4. Yay! Thanks for the answering the high waist jean question... we'll see how brave I become when actually wearing said jeans!

    Love the medallion necklace!

  5. I wearing a bit of a twirly skirt myself today. Love it!

  6. Love it that you still have, wear and love the Chinese lantern skirt. I remember the shopping trip well(and am ready to do it again)! It looks great on you!

  7. I think the insane amount that we women spend on shoes should never have to be justified. Spend on!
    Ps. I love that you will pair the Serengeti Pumps with just about everything! That takes some serious fashion confidence!


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