Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mad men inspired

Taking a cue from 1960s Madison Ave - and the lovely Lulu's fantastic Halloween costume - I pulled out one of my favorite Gilt purchases of all time to lighten up the Long Hours Blues.  I love, Love, LOVE this dress - it makes me want to twirl chainees down the hallways!

Milly's patterns are always a constant favorite of mine but she doesn't always cut for the ol' hips and boobs... thankfully, she nailed this figure-flattering number and its now my go-to "Make Me Feel Polished - Even When I Don't" frock.

Triple Grande Nonfat Eggnog Lattes in the Festive Red Cup also make me feel not like a soulless zombie polished!

Silk Belted Dress - Milly via Gilt Groupe
Black Patent & Suede "Harpers" - J.Crew
Pearl Cluster Earrings - Etsy Seller Bridal Emunique
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding gift
Hammered Gold Bangles - Kendra Scott via Gilt Fuse

And because we are nothing if we can't show our faces whilst looking like a soulless zombie not-so-polished, here's a look at how yesterday's outfit fared after 13 hours at the office:

oh so glamorous, this lawyering business!


  1. Love the dress, and rest assured that you looked better after 13 hours than I would have!

  2. i feel your pain, girl. lawyering is for the birds! :)

  3. I still think you look gorgeous!

  4. I don't think I've ever commented before but I love your blog! You are so cute and have the best fashion sense!

  5. You still look great... that is what I was looking like after 8 hours in the office yesterday!

  6. I love the after a long day picture, because that's always how I look... sometimes I wonder if the boyfriend even remembers what I look like put together, because he only sees me after work disheveled and weekend relaxed...

  7. I just wanted to say that you are stinkin hilarious! I love your humor / tone and this fashion blog is one of my daily reads.

    I know you think your end of the day pic is not-so-glam, but it made me laugh, not at you, but because I feel the exact way half the time at the end of the day, only i've been running after 8th graders!

    Have a great week!!!!!

  8. I gotta say, you always look so put together and polished that I had to laugh at your end of day shot - thanks so much for showing that. It helps to know I'm not the only one that doesn't look as polished heading home as I do heading in to work!


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