Thursday, November 5, 2009

ruffly menswear + prettiest shoes in the world

Today was one of those mornings... I felt like I tried on everything in my closet and nothing was tickling my fancy.  Pinstriped ruffles to the rescue!

(never fear: the bronzer has since been toned down)

Nothing turns a potential fashion disaster around faster than The Prettiest Shoes in the World!  I also figured I probably wouldn't be able to squeeze my puppies into these beauts for a bit after the 3 Day this weekend... plus gotta give the C.Lous some love because I have a feeling its going to be Flats City for me all next week!

Grey and White Pinstripe Ruffle Collar Shirt - J.Crew
Black Pleated Suit Skirt - Banana Republic
The Prettiest Shoes in the World - Christian Louboutin
Gold Flower Earrings - J.Crew
Bauble Cocktail Ring - J.Crew
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding gift

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a preview at my sweet 3 Day gear (there may or may not be a fanny-pack involved)!


  1. Love that shirt and yes, those shoes are amazing... sigh... I want.

  2. i love your c. lous...did you pay full price for them or manage to stumble across The Steal of All Steals and get them at a discount?

  3. favor. My birthday is coming up and I need to ask B for a gift. I think I want loubs. Pick me out an amazing pair.

  4. Cute as usual! I hope you are kidding about the fanny pack! :) I guess if anyone could make that cute, it would be you!

  5. Lurrrrve the shoes! I thought they were Chanel until you posted the close up. Oh yeah, I'm totally rocking the topsy-bun today. 7 a.m. meeting, ugh.

  6. I want a pair of Louboutin's so bad. :(

  7. I'm still angry Neiman's was unable to hunt those down for me....


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