Thursday, November 19, 2009

sparkly workday!

I purchased this jacket last year as part of my NYE attire, but have since sported it at the office on several occasions.  This much silver sparkle might not work everywhere, but this is Dallas and goshdarnit if I'm not to going revel in the perks of living in a city where bigger (and sparklier) is always better!

Actually, I was told today that I looked "very professional"... my deductive reasoning skills tell me that this means "Yo, Kate, sometimes you look like an overdressed Whole Foods manager," but I'm going to take it as a compliment... and a permission slip to wear more sparkly things!

Attempted to get the cute, sassy pleats at the bottom of the skirt, but alas, iPhone photography fails me once again.

Jacket - J.Crew
Cami - Banana Republic
Pencil Skirt - Michael by Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Black Tights - Merona via Target
Black Suede & Patent "Harper" Pumps - J.Crew
Seed Pearl Necklace - Christmas gift
Black Cocktail Ring - The Limited


  1. oh this is so professionally pretty. scratch that. gorgeous. you kind of look like a politician's wife-- pick your politician! :)

  2. Love (and remember) that jacket!!

  3. Love that jacket! I have it as well and have been trying to figure out a way to wear it into the office. I think look great! Very professional chic.

  4. ok I thought of you this morning as I was getting dressed. I wandered to the dress section of my closet and I'm wearing a bakcless ruffle tulip dress from bcbg. BUT i'm wearing it with a jcrew cardigan and a little belt. Fancy dress now professional!

  5. I wanted that jacket, but there is no way I could get away with it at work.


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