Monday, November 16, 2009

weekend wear

Back at it!  And since I've spent the better part of the last week in Target PJ pants and sorority function t-shirts that I am without a doubt probably too old to still own, I am ready to infuse some real fashion back into my life!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a reader request that I show more "weekend wear"... so I shall attempt to do just that each Monday morning from here on out... so long as I didn't spend all weekend in flannel and Chi O Owl-O-Ween tees!

Apologies for the craptastic photo quality... the lighting in the BR dressings rooms is a bit funkified!  Worn for an afternoon of Christmas shopping, my very favorite thai steak and noodle salad at Houston's, and a much-needed pedicure (its been since July... my puppies be fugly):

Orange Ombre Open Cardigan - CC Califormia
Gray Ruffle Tee - J.Crew
Skinny Blush Metallic Belt - J.Crew
Black Leggings - Hue via Nordstrom
Silver Grecian Sandals - street vendor in Mykonos
Gold Medallion - wedding gift

Monday's outfit up next!


  1. Cute! And you are a ChiO, too. = )

  2. I literally said "wow!" when I saw this picture. You look amazing and that cardi with the skinny belt is TO DIE FOR. I am totally motivated to start using my belts. I have 4 and mostly they sit in my closet (shame, shame).

  3. I was in Dallas this weekend doing some Christmas shopping of my own and was about 99.9% sure I saw you walk by me in NorthPark yesterday. I felt like a total stalker so I didn't say anything but after seeing this photo and knowing with 100% certainty that it WAS you I figured I should at least say hi!

    I must say it was rather surreal & a little weird to recognize someone who I don't "know" but yet know so much about. To be quite honest it was a little like seeing a celebrity :-) Do random people come up to you often? Does that lead to a totally awkward conversation? Just curious...

  4. Love the way you skinny belt your outfits... I have tried on mine, but the outcome is anything but "skinny" looking.

  5. No wonder I love your blog! Always fun to find other Chi Os...I'm one as well, from the Chi Kappa chapter :)

  6. Love the weekend wear! You look fantastic!


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