Sunday, December 6, 2009

my closet... revealed!

I've had oodles of emails regarding the organization of my closet.  Sadly, it looks nothing like the heavenly photos featured in ITPitB's header.  Evs, The Boom, and I currently reside in a nearly-100 year old bungalow... Adorable?  Yes.  Unique?  Si, si.  Provider of fabulous Dream Closet?  Hardly.

Actually, our closets are TINY.  So much so that I've procured 2.5 for myself.  Evs - Husband of the Year - is relegated to the single guest room closet, poor kid.  'Tis the price we pay for rejecting suburbia!

Anyhoo, here's a little peak into the (my) master bedroom closet... home to all of my tops, jackets, suits, and skirts (dresses and casual pants reside elsewhere):

The much-commented-upon shoe rack is ESSENTIAL! Our office closet (holder of wrapping paper, cleaning products and tools) has one as well, but instead of shoes, I fold my jeans and cords over the bars.  The racks were installed prior to our move-in so I'm not positive where they're from, but these from Container Store are very similar.

To read more about our storage situation in the little blue cottage, check out this post over at EAD Living.


  1. I just died and went to shoe heaven.

  2. I live in a house about a hundred years old or so too. The closet space is HELLA lacking and I'm always reorganizing trying to find the best way to keep my clothes in line. Looks like you've got things on lockdown!

  3. Love the idea of using the shoe rack as casual pants storage.

  4. Oh my look at all the shoes - love it! Darling I just found your blog and it is completely adorable. I can't wait to read more posts!

  5. Oh, I have totally taken over our closet. Little by little. Our master closet is so big it has windows (I'm pretty sure it could double as another bedroom) and Husband is constantly freaking out over the lack of space I give him.

    So I just shove my stuff slowly over, all while gleefully thinking, "HA HA! I WIN! I WIN! And I wonder if he'll notice a row of his shoes are missing..."

    Also, our closet is going to be the first thing to get remodeled- I have biiig plans for it, mmhm oh yes. Including a funky chandelier. Can't. WAIT.

  6. Historic houses are SO hard to deal with when closeting or toileting.
    I found these nifty little mini-closets on last year; they're like small wardrobes that open with a vintage door. Does that make sense? I don't see them on the site currently, though. Anyway, it's the perfect piece for adding closet space to a room with none. I plan on forcing my husband to build one for me.


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