Saturday, December 5, 2009

baby, its cold outside

Yep.  Starting off this post with a quote from the infamous Date Rape Carol.  Couldn't help myself... because, seriously, it IS cold outside.  I'm used to Dallas hovering in the 30s and low 40s for a couple of weeks in January, but this current cold snap took all of Texas by surprise (SNOW!  In HOUSTON!).

So cheers for scarves and coats and eggnog lattes and snuggling under the covers with smelly, furry terriers until ten because I can.  

Worn for lunch with SLynnRo, cancellation of company phone (is there any situation more deserving of an entire jug of red wine than dealing with AT&T?), and grocery shopping (surprisingly pleasant in the middle of a workday!).

Cowl Neck Sweater - Banana Republic
Always Skinny Jeans - GAP
Gunmetal Revas - Tory Burch via Neiman Marcus
Gold Disc Earrings - Sonya Renee
Scarf - Burberry
Skinny Metallic Blush Belt - J.Crew
Gold Flower Ring - J.Crew
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present


  1. Ooh. I dig this one! Enjoy your snuggley day. I know I am. :-)

  2. You look adorable! And yes, grocery shopping is much more enjoyable during the middle of the day (mid-week). I just ventured out to Target and found myself stuck in serious traffic just trying to get out of the parking lot. I much prefer my leisurely shopping days mid-week. The holiday madness was about to drive me insane (not to mention to drink!)

  3. Every time I hear that song now I think "DATE RAPE!!!" LOL! I told my husband and then he did that husband thing where they look at you like you're crazy but they don't want to say it out loud.

  4. Very stylish and cute! Love the ring! Love the sweater! Love the scarf!

    ps, you haven't seen cold until you've been in Montreal/ New York/ Chicago for a weekend in December. I would trade spots with a Texas girl any day.

  5. I can attest that this looked very adorable in person.


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