Thursday, December 3, 2009

transitioning to casual wear!

So.  I'm sure many of you have seen THE NEWS on EA, and I know what you're thinking...

...but what about The Bathroom???

I know, right?  That was totally my immediate reaction too!  That and "Gee, I'm glad I didn't buy that $500 cocktail number for the Christmas Party.  Thanks, Serendipity!"

But I digress.  ITPitB will carry on!  But we might have to start calling it ITPitCloset or ITPittheTeenyTinyMirror.  And you might have to deal with eleven posts in a row in which I appear to have taken a new job at Lululemon... in a world where Lululemon requires their employees to wear fuzzy slippers.

Anyhoo, I was pretty pumped for my very first FUNemployment Fashion Post, because today, dear readers, I had a task to accomplish: File for Unemployment!  Woo hoo!  Such a glamorous to-do obviously requires an equally glamorous ensemble... and then I figured out you register online.  Total buzzkill.  Those TWC bureaucrats, such fun spoilers!

So I opted for this:

Flannel Coffee Mug PJ Pants - Life is Good
Fuzzy Slippers - LL Bean

Thank goodness for half-priced champagne, is all I have to say!  If anything can get me to shed my super-sexy flannel, its cheap bubbly and fun friends!

Argyle Sweater - Banana Republic
Always Skinny Jeans - Gap
Gunmetal Revas - Tory Burch via Neiman Marcus
Rosette Headband - Etsy seller LaVieModern
Bauble Cocktail Ring - J.Crew


  1. You rock that loungewear! Also in this pic your closet looks like Carrie Bradshaw's with all those fun colors and textures.

  2. AF must have canned you for being too foxy. WTF, lady, you are looking amazing lately!

    Best of luck and good vibes and every one of my happy thoughts to YOU! Hope you had a great time at CT tonight.

  3. Totally love your closet! Good luck. I have been there and it gets better.

  4. Yup, you no longer have to go down to unemployment and stand in line. I love that. Our unemployment office is always, always, always busy and it usually an hour wait. It took me 15 minutes to complete the application online. Love it!

  5. I agree- they were jealous of your fabulous clothes and said that this lady mustn't buy anything else cute. Don't feel bad, they'll be missing your cute rosette headbands (even if they never admit it...esp. Ass Clown)

    Love the cute argyle sweater (why haven't we seen this before!)- also, I love how that photo taken from your closet shows the rows upon rows of shoes in the reflection. I think you should take up baking/ cooking in heels.

  6. At least you didn't pull a Jen Lancaster and take your fancy schmancy purse! Although in Dallas that might be the socially correct thing to do?

  7. You look great in either! It will all work out and you will be better for it. Sending good thoughts your way.

  8. You look great, I love that hairband! I know that this will all work out, and I will be thinking about you in the meantime!

  9. Good luck figuring out your next step!

    Totally random question, but where did you get your shoe rack? I store my shoes stacked in their boxes at the moment but am moving to a closet where that will not be possible and am looking for ideas.

  10. Of course, I was concerned about this too!

  11. I was wondering about the bathroom. It will be missed.

    Also, I love your shoe organization too. Is it over the door? Where's it from? Please share :)

  12. I am so glad that the bathroom lives on!!! :) I love the headband you are wearing, simply fab!


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