Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ruffles, two ways

Stripe-y Ruffled Button-Down from J.Crew... How I love thee, let me count the (two) ways!

Some days (mornings) you feel like V-neck blue cardigan and a metallic skinny belt!

Blue V-Neck Cardigan - Banana Republic
Stripe Ruffle Button-Down - J. Crew
Sexy Bootcut Jeans - GAP
Brown Mary Janes - Banana Republic
Mini Turquoise Clover Necklace - Francesca's Collection
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring - J.Crew

Check out the $18 Van Cleef knock-off!  Total score!

And some days (afternoons) you feel like a magenta pullover and a thick stretchy belt!

Magenta Silk Sweater Pull-Over - Banana Republic
Stretchy Brown Belt - Merona via Target

But a punchy red coat is fabulous any day (time)!

Red Wool Coat - Guess via Nordstrom


  1. I love that shirt- I had it in my cart at jcrew and took it out at the last minute, now I want to go back and order it (why hello, shopping problem.)
    It looks fantastic on you, both of the ways you wore it!!

  2. I love my longsleeved jcrew ruffle shirt... my mom got me one from the outlet and i'm obsessed. just became a follower!

    love and SAO,

  3. ugh i hate my clothes. wanna be my personal shopper when i win the lottery? please?

  4. I have that shirt too and I haven't figured out how to wear it the way that I want to, to make it fresh and sassy. You my friend, have made it fresh and sassy.

  5. GOSH I'm so jealous of both outfits. Both. I look terrible in ruffles near the neckline most of the time. Wish I could work it like you, girlie.

  6. I am a huge fan of that red coat - very classy!


  7. I love that top! Both ways you sport it look so good.

  8. Love love love everything about these outfits. I love that ruffle tee!

  9. You look AMAZING! Seriously skinny girl I am in awe of your hotness! :)


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