Friday, January 22, 2010

acidic victorian

I dreamed that I wore this outfit last night (no lie)... except that I had a burnt orange bustier on over the whole thing.  That last tidbit seemed a tad ambitious, but the remaining pieces made for an interesting combination...

Acid Green Short-Sleeved Boyfriend Cardigan - J.Crew
Eggplant Victorian Ruffle Silk Shell - J.Crew
"Always Skinny" Jeans
Eggplant Patent Ballet Flats - Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom
Blush Metallic Skinny Belt - J.Crew
Gold Flower Earrings - J.Crew
Ivory & Gold Cuff - Banana Republic
Silk Flower Cocktail Ring - Etsy Seller Vie Moderne


  1. I love that shirt and sweater combo! Two great colors!

  2. Those colors look beautiful together!!I love this looks :) Have a wonderful weekend, lady!

  3. I never quite know how to deal with a v-neck cardigan and what to put underneath if I'm buttoning it up, but this looks great.

  4. Must get myself to JCrew for a couple of those silk shells ASAP!

  5. I found your blog a while ago and forgot to bookmark it and I stumbled across in again today! yay! I love your style. I am trying to update mine and it helps to have some visuals...thanks for the pics!

  6. i have that j crew ruffle top and i love that cardigan with it!! what a great way to take my fall top into spring. you look so cute!!

  7. What a pretty color combination!

  8. I finally bought the HUE leggings from Nordstroms. You're right, they are fab- nice and thick. But, they're SO LONG! Do you have to have yours shortened? Oh wait, you're tall so maybe not :)

  9. Are the Jessica Simpson flats not the most comfortable thing ever? I love them. The other ones I like are Blowfish. Cute color combo!

  10. I love the mix of colors here - unexpected plum and chartreuse is divine!



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