Wednesday, January 20, 2010

questions answered...

I had some comments and emails regarding the blue Muse dress from yesterday's post, as well as my necklace and hot roller technique...

Unfortunately, I purchased this dress on mega-sale ($26.00!) during one of Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sales... probably about 8 months ago.  But, I did find some similar frocks for anyone whose interested...

Obviously none of these are perfect matches, but all are cute options if you're looking for a short, empire waist dress.  If you wanted to pick something that could be styled similarly to my Muse dress, I'd go with the Only Hearts Color Block Dress (apologies for the terrible photo quality - go to the L&T website for a much better picture).  It would look fantastic with leggings and the royal blue color is spot on!

That Gold Tassel Necklace... As I said, this was a Christmas gift from my mother.  I wish I could tell you exactly where to find it, but she actually purchased it in a little boutique attached to the hair salon she visits.  I did find lots of options by using the search term "gold tassel necklace" at ShopStyle!

Hot-Rollers How-To... You are in luck!  Click here for a tutorial I wrote in one of my very first ITPitB posts!


  1. Can I just say I love that you use hot rollers! My friends are under the impression that hot rollers are so 10 years ago, but like you I like to let my crazy mane frizz dry and rollers are the path of least resistance to good hair on those days. Your hair always looks fab, I may have to send them here to see that I am not alone in this!

  2. Thanks for answering my question! And for providing a link to some other options!

  3. There's also a similar gold tassel necklace that I saw at F21 not too long ago, it's also available online but for some reason the link won't copy and paste here.

  4. Love them all! So pretty! I want! :D

  5. Thanks so much for posting links! I think I may still need to stalk Ebay for the Muse dress though. But, I must say I heart the Max Studio dress... a lot.

    Also, I totally agree with you on the gloriousness of hot rollers. They are super easy and fast to put in, you have time to put make-up on while you wait 10-15 minutes for your hair to look awesome with minimal effort. Best hair invention ever!

  6. Love those dresses!

    You inspired me to take a photo in the bathroom and I just had to give you a shout out on my blog! xoxo

  7. Hot rollers are the only thing that gives my hair any sign of life. Thanks for the tip about using the smaller ones!


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