Monday, January 4, 2010


We're holding try-outs this week here at ITPitB** for the ultimate National Championship Game Day Attire.  Today's dress is an obvious frontrunner as it immediately conforms to 3 of the 4 sectors on the Fan Fashion Rubric: Cuteness, Comfort, & Color.  But can it handle the COLD?  {Those trixie minxes out in Cali lull you into false hope of warm weather, what with their sunkissed glows and their froyo, but when you're sitting in a concrete wind tunnel after sundown clutching a frosty souvenir-sized Miller Lite, you think you've died and gone to Minnesota.}

Today was a blustery 28 degrees in Dallas today and I milled around the West Village for a while without losing any toesies.  The dress is a wool-blend and quite snuggly... Game Day will probably find me adding a black turtleneck, leggings and my low heeled cowboy boots.

And, Mom?  I see you down there in Austin, shaking your head at the computer screen!  I SEE YOU!  I HAVE MAGIC POWERS!  THIS IS REALLY WARM!  I PROMISE!  I also promise, promise, promise, pinkie-swear to wear my gloves and perhaps a hat, barring static-y hair.

This is my favorite bracelet of all time and probably the oldest piece of costume jewelry I still have (I was 19? Urban Outfitters?  Sounds about right).  Its also lucky.  Too bad Alabama is all fickle and can't pick ONE freakin' mascot and insists on being both the Really Nasty Ocean Tide That Kills Fish And Makes The Beach All Stinky Sometimes AND the Elephants, thus ruining all of my lucky accessory fun.

Orange Wool-Blend Wrap Dress - Banana Republic (Fall 2008)
Gray Tights - Merona via Target
Brown Leather Boots - Banana Republic (Winter 2007)
Gold Chain Figure-Eight Earrings - gift from mom
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present
Elefantitas Bracelet - Urban Outfitters (circa 2002)

**which Evs has so cleverly suggested I rename ITPWtFIW (that would be "I Take Photos Wherever the Fuck I Want").  It has a certain je nous se qua (you know I like a well placed expletive!), but the acronym is a bit too long to Stitch-a-Wish on a ball cap.  Such is another conundrum to keep me up at night.  Sigh.


  1. I do like this look and love the cowboy boots! Can't wait to see the rest of the choices.

  2. It has been very warm in the day and freeeeezing at night!! (I'm in San Diego)

    Also (I know you have been before but) I want to remind you that most Rose Bowl parking is on that golf course and last year at the Rose Bowl I ruined a perfectly good pair of shoes schlepping back to our car...

    I love love LOVE your dress! If you are hootin'&hollerin'&drinkin' (like I do at games) then you should be fine.

    Now you see why us SoCal gals rock the awful shorts&Uggs look. It's the perfect casual day to night way to cope with warm days and cold nights :)

    Hook em Horns!!

  3. I really really love that dress.

  4. I, too, enjoy a well-placed expletive. Or maybe sometimes even a poorly-placed one. ITPWtFIW it is!

    The funny thing, though, is that I rarely swear in real life except for when I get *really* riled up (which, again, is rarely). I think I scare the living daylights out of everyone when I do get angsty, though, because I suddenly go from sounding like an 85-year old woman from Minnesota to Lewis Black Jr. in about .02 nanoseconds.

    Shit. Fuck. GOD DAMN. Want some lefse? Yah?

  5. Love it! I hope you don't freeze.

    Can I ask (beg) you to not wear the elephant bracelet?! It is adorable but WHAT IF IT CURSES US?!?!?

    Haha. Hook 'em!!! :)

  6. ehrmmm... I'm planning on wearing some sweaties and THE most comfortable burnt-orange fleece ever. Yay!

    But I have to say, you look adorable in the dress. Wish I had as much gusto. :)


  7. LOVE the dress! I live in San Diego as well and I went to a Charger game on Sunday in a skirt! But you never know what the weather will be like in a few days (and at night). Have fun!

  8. Hook em' The dress is super cute!

  9. That dress is perfection and you will be one rockin' Longhorn fan come Thursday.

    PS - was just in Disneyland for NY's and saw the Texas football team there. They were so sweet - taking pics and signing autographs for fans. I maintained control (only because I did not successfully stalk down Colt. *ahem*)

  10. So cute! I esp. love those earrings.

  11. Dress looks great and I'm sure it will be warm with boots, gloves, coat and a hat! LOVE the earrings too!!XXOO

  12. The dress is darling, but you should really wear crimson. You'll fit in with all the winners then! ;)

    Love the bracelet as well.


  13. LOVE that orange dress! Here in Clemson country, anything orange at J Crew or Banana sells out in a hot minute. Any way you could beg beg beg your mom to find out where she got those gorgeous earrings? I'm dying to find some like that!

  14. I'm new here (linked from Slynnro), and you are absolutely gorgeous! Just thought I'd give a leetle French help: je ne sais quoi


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