Tuesday, January 5, 2010

auditions, part deux fail

Auditions were cancelled today.

Because I wore yoga pants.

And at 9:19 p.m., I am still wearing said yoga pants.

Plus they are navy, not burnt orange.

Its been that kind day.  Apologies.

But... BUT!  I do want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to literally the best yoga/running tights ever made, ever, ever, ever.  I received these Lululemon Wunder Under Pants for Christmas and I think I've worn them every day since, save for when they are on my clothesline drying.**

{Unforch, not my thighs}

Reasons Why These are the Best Yoga/Running Tights Ever Made, Ever Ever, Ever++:
  • (1) As with all of Lululemon's pants, these suckers are LONG.  Like, one more half-inch and I would have to get these hemmed.  As a semi-freakishly-tall-female, this NEVER happens. 
  • (2) Waist band curves upward = no muffin tops! 
  • (3) The fabric is thick and sucks you in... almost as if Spanx made a legging... but totally comfortable.  Total Slim-fest for all your wobbly bits! 
  • (4) I put these on my wish-list to facilitate some of my 2010 fitness goals - I've had no chafe on my runs (although, full disclosure: its not like I'm running 10 milers yet, but still) and they stay in place when working out.  What I did not anticipate is that these would make such fabulous "fashion leggings" as well.  They are matte but hopefully they won't fade with wear because they've already surpassed my Hue leggings as my new favorite "fart around" outfit staple. 
So there you have it.  No gratuitous photos today (but perhaps some shots are in order in the airplane bathroom tomorrow?), but if you're looking for a fabulosity-injection into your workout wardrobe, the Wunder Unders will not disappoint!

** I don't really have a clothesline. I have one of those foldy-outty, accordion things.  But clothesline sounds adorably provincial, yes?

++ Totally unsolicited rave about Lululemon.  But as always, I am not above being solicited.  In a non-prostitute-sort-of-way, obvs.


  1. Lulu is fab! I've been living in their pants for the last 10 years (because of black Lulus, I looked somewhat pulled togeths in early-morning university classes - not an easy feat!)

  2. Old Navy has good yoga pants too! I own three pair and live in them...although I don't really know what that says about my fashion sense...

  3. This information could not come at a more perfect time! Thank you! I have just started a running class and of-freakin-course Florida turns into the great white north and it's currently 32 degrees. These will be perfect to get me through the chilly runs! {And apparently will be excellent "fart around" pants once the temperature gets back above flippin' freezing. Oh, have I ever mastered the art of farting around.} Thanks again!

  4. Do you know if they make any (online or in store) in short lengths/petite sizing? If they are almost too long for you, they would be dragging on me.

    They look super chic though, would love to own a pair.

  5. I most definitely need these pants... but not for running. Just lounging.

  6. Vic -- I know that Lululemon will hem your pants for free in store. I am pretty sure that you can even buy them online and bring them into any store and they'll still do it.

  7. I have those running tights and I am in love with them too! I love lululemon and have a few different styles, but these are by far my fave!

  8. Love the running tights! Did you get the fleeced ones (extra warm fleece lining) or just the normal ones?
    Have you ever checked out Lululemon's blog? It's pretty good!


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