Wednesday, February 24, 2010

plumb pleased

For my second interview with ANP (Anonymous Non-Profit, anyone?), I wanted to keep the same "business, but not stuffily-corporate" vibe, but I didn't want to overdo the dress + jacket combo.   After having great success with purple hues last week, I settled on my silk plum skirt, an silk ivory button-down, and a 3/4-sleeved jacket in dark gray.  Black tights and my "Harper" pumps rounded out the ensemble. 

As a wee first year law student with summer clerkship interviews looming, I high-tailed it to the Banana Republic outlet and picked up two suits (one black and one brown), and one shirt (this one!)... four years later, I still wear all five pieces.  I'm not usually a huge fan of button downs under suits (because I tend to feel like an FBI agent when I do so), but I love the feminine detail on this shirt.  If only it were a couple of inches longer... if I'm wearing a skirt that sits lower like this one, the shirt often rides up and becomes untucked... not cool! 

Gray 3/4-Sleeve Jacket - Ann Taylor
Short-Sleeved, Silk, Ivory Tuxedo Shirt - Banana Republic Outlet ('06)
Silk Plum Skirt - J.Crew (Winter 2009)
Black Tights - Merona via Target
Black Patent & Suede "Harper" Pumps - J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Pave Ball Earrings - Banana Republic
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present 
Gold "C" Cuff - Coach


  1. Congrats! I can't wait to see what type of bathroom photos come with the new job! Our dress codes looks to be similar and I need inspiration!!

  2. All my button--downs become untucked- drives me nuts!!! You look super super skinny by the way. I love full, twirly skirts like that for work. They make me feel very Doris Day, as opposed to FBI agent (and I totally feel that too).

  3. Love that plum skirt. I'm still mad at myself for passing it by - I was worried it would be too short. Clearly it's not. Glad you scooped it up though! Looks great.

  4. hmmmm...never thought about it but I think that is my issue with button up shirts/jackets...I never wear or buy them because I just feel so awkward in them. Great outfit! Hope things went well for you!

  5. Cute outfit! I am loving that color!

  6. 若對自己誠實,日積月累,就無法對別人不忠了。........................................

  7. I can't wait for all of your new work attire posts! CONGRATS!

    Also, I totally laugh at the 2 suits I bought when I was job interviewing at age 22 -- Whenever I put them on I feel like an FBI agent - like my next move should be to whip out my badge and say "Dana Scully, FBI."


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