Monday, February 1, 2010

weekend wear

This weekend I jetted off to witness my oldest friend say "I do!"  I wish I had an ITPithB post dedicated to her outfit (stunning), but, alas, its just little ol' me.

Travel Attire:

My "Takin' Care of Business" cheap-o koozie is one of my most prized possessions.  I bought it at Graceland when my Dad and I took a totally awesome and totally random (location-wise) road trip after college graduation.  When my car was stolen a couple of years ago, this was inside and was one of the only things not trashed or taken.  Obviously, I was hit by criminals with zero taste. 
Black Boyfriend Cardy - White + Warren
Silver Polka Dot Shell - J.Crew (Winter 2008)
"Always Skinny" Jeans - GAP
Gunmetal Lissie Flats - Tory Burch via Nieman Marcus 
Pave Ball Earrings - Banana Republic
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present 
Badass Koozie - Graceland

On Saturday, I brunched with some of my very first "internet friends"... Long before blogging took over my computer, it was the Austin Knot Board all the way (the ultimate gateway drug), and a meet-up with these girls was long overdue!  {Cute photo to be posted when I figure out what the hell I did with my camera cord}

My childhood bedroom is like a memorial to Kate: Ages 16 through 20.  Check out that carpet.  I picked it out when I was 8... I still remember the color ("French Blue")... not quite sure what that thought process included. 

The Michael Stars tee that I'm sporting is my FAVORITE tee shirt EVER.  I've had it since I was 21 and it hasn't lost its color or shape.  Its the only MS "One Size Fits Most" tee that doesn't look like I've tried to stuff myself into a shimmery sausage casing.  Its also the perfect length and I love the ballet gathers at the neckline. My biggest downfall in life thus far is not being able to find more colors in this style... If anyone knows where this particular tee can be had, there are four dozen snickerdoodles with your name on them. 

Plum Rosette Cardy - Ann Talor Loft 
Orange Shimmer Tee - Michael Stars via Nordstrom (circa 2004)
"Always Skinny Jeans" - GAP
Gunmetal "Lissie" Flats - Tory Burch via Neiman Marcus
Gold Figure-Eight Earrings - Christmas present
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present
Gold C Cuff - Coach 

Wedding Attire: 

So, my Master Plan was to wear this dress with fun, black lacy tights.  Good thing I threw the grey pair in on a whim as well because Me + Lacy Tights = Chunky-Legged Hooker.  

The clutch was my wedding clutch. 
Black Velvet Dress - Banana Republic (Winter 2009)
Gray Tights - Merona via Target
Black Suede & Patent "Harpers" - J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Bon-Bon Earrings - Anthropologie (Winter 2009)
Skystone Necklace - Anthropologie (Winter 2009)
Gold C Cuff - Coach
Pink Pashmina - gift 
Silk Clutch - Etsy Seller Red Ruby Rose


  1. I also have a TCB koozie from a random trip to Graceland! Love it! Love your blogs!

  2. ok, now i'm mad because i wasn't informed of saturday blogging/austin friend brunch!!

    but you looked fab in all your outfits-o-choice! and i still love love love that clutch!! :)

  3. super cute wedding attire... love that chunky red necklace!

  4. You look adorable. Frightening that I too have blue carpet in my childhood bedroom. It was installed when I was nine, and needs to go. I love the wedding attire! Winter weddings are always tough to dress for, imho.

  5. Fun koozie! Why didn't you bring it with? My champagne flute could have used some insulation.

  6. Of course it's all cute but I especially like the clutch you had at the wedding!

  7. Cute outfits! Looks like you were travelling in style!

  8. unrelated to said outfits but I must know.
    who makes you GO TO white tank top? You know the kind that doesn't make you look like a tent and its just the right length and is not white trash looking???? MUST KNOW

  9. You are too funny with that can cozy.
    You totally made me purchase the Skystone necklace one I saw you wear it. It's so pretty.

    Great outfits, as usual!!!

  10. Love your wedding clutch! Super Cute wedding attire too!

  11. Lace tights do NOT agree with me either.

    Oh, Graceland. I was actually composing a post called TCB with a dedication to Elvis, but scrapped it!

  12. O0o I love the third outfit, the clutch is unique & love the color of the design. Very nice:)

  13. You look lovely, as always! I love the accessories for the wedding.


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