Thursday, January 28, 2010

rainy day tunic

So, I promise that I did, in fact, get dressed this week.  Yesterday, I forgot to take photos and on Tuesday... there was, um, a cameltoe "issue" in my snapshots.  Not my best foot forward (ha! toe? foot? funny?), you could say.

Luckily today there are no unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions PLUS the lovely UPS man brought me my brand-spankin' new, brand-spankin' free Tucker tunic from Gilt Groupe!

Normally this is a top I'd belt but the addition of My Favorite Sweater Ever takes away the need.  A skinny belt over the sweater works well too - a la my past Tucker dress + chunky sweater combo.

I bought this sweater on a whim in Winter 2008, but it quickly became one of my most useful Texas "cold" weather stables.  Today, for example, its chilly outside.  Chilly enough that a jacket is warranted.  Except my plans include a Husband Birthday Shopping Trip at the mall.  And its not cold enough to wear my coat while I browse, but its also freakin' annoying to lug an outer-layer around during my excursion.  Chunky Sweater = Perfect Solution!  It'll keep me warm enough as I travel to and fro, but won't make me sweaty or encumbered while I'm indoors!

Plum, Violet, & Sterling Tunic Top - Tucker via Gilt
Chunky Wrap Sweater - Banana Republic
"Always Skinny" Jeans - GAP
Boots - Banana Republic
Gold Figure-Eight Earrings - Christmas gift
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding gift
Gold C Cuff - Coach


  1. I love the tunic! It is a great print.

  2. Shut your face, I can't believe that was free! That tunic is too cute!!!

  3. I need those boots in my life.

  4. Looking stellar! Love that tunic/sweater combo. And I really think you need to post the cameltoe pics as a special edition: what not to wear.

  5. Oh I am LOVING that tunic! Super cute colors and it looks great on you!

  6. How on earth did you get a free tunic?

  7. What did you end up buying the birthday boy? I also live in Dallas and am in desperate need of some guy-gift-giving advice!

  8. So um. Where is your OOTD for brunch?? You were looking stellar my friend!


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