Wednesday, April 21, 2010

double trouble

Outfits from Tuesday and Wednesday (be forewarned, I'm not ecstatic about either of these... I'm off my mojo this week)....


Bottom Line:  This top looks better with jeans... it's too long to leave untucked with a suit skirt or pants and, while it looks better with a pencil skirt, the sweater material is thick and leaves a big line across your middle when tucked into to a more form-fitting skirt.  I tried to do the juxtaposing pleats thing here but... meh.

Horizontal Pleats Sweater - Banana Republic
Pleated Suit Skirt - Banana Republic
Black Patent Loafer-Pumps - Cole Haan
Gold Figure-8 Earrings - gift
Gold Medallion Necklace - gift
Gold C Bangle - Coach


Honestly, I am so fed up with my hair and ready for today's appointment that I don't really care what's currently clothing my person!  The cape cardigan is a little kooky but I think its fun in a different sort of way, while the addition of the skinny belt to the dress delineates my waist, ensuring that I don't look like a crazy blob of a cat lady.  

And Evs would like it made known that he HATES this headband.  With a fiery passion.  

Silver Silk Cardigan Cape - Banana Republic
Black Suit Dress - Ann Taylor
Nude "Happy" Pumps - Ann Klein 
Rosette Headband - Etsy Seller Vie Moderne
Micro Pave Ball Earrings - Banana Republic
Blush Metallic Skinny Belt - J. Crew


  1. love both! I think the pleats worked out great. Can't wait to see what your darker hair looks like :)

  2. I love the headband, I wish I could wear headbands. They give me horrible headaches and I just don't feel like look right on me :(

  3. I love the headband. My husband kind of hates my feather headbands until he saw that my co-worker wore a BIRD on her head. Now he thinks mine are completely normal!

  4. What is it about boys and headbands? Mine also hates the middle bang poof. He is cramping my style here!

  5. I have a flower headband (except it's the kind that is elastic and goes all the way around your head so it puts a bump under my hair, but I digress) that my husband MOCKS me for wearing. So I just gave it up. Perhaps I should send it your way!

  6. I've thought this so many times when reading your commentary about yourself, but I'm finally going to say it: it's AMAZING how differently we see ourselves from how others see us. Truly. This post is a perfect example. I think your Tuesday outfit was actually one of the most flattering outfits I've ever seen you post here. Full stop. Something about the large top makes your waist look even tinier (totally a word) than normal, and the slim top of that skirt narrows your hips (not that they're wide to begin with, but you know what I mean).

    I'm not judging, because I think every one of us does this. We have outfits that we absolutely love to wear because we feel awesome in them, but very honest husbands or girlfriends sometimes voice that they're actually not the most flattering things on us. And then we'll feel like a cow in something else only to get raves from others.

    So for what it's worth, in pictures anyway, that outfit was a knockout. Dare I say: way more flattering than the dress you said is your very favorite a few posts ago.

  7. What is it with men and embellished headbands? I love yours, but my hubby would scoff! I have one with feathers that I think is adorable but men don't get it.
    I love Tuesday's outfit! I think it's hard to feel comfortable in pleats, but you look adorable.


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