Monday, April 26, 2010

fruit punch

Apologies for the lack of posting last week... I spent Thursday through Sunday in beach wear (and a bit of cocktail attire to boot!) in Pawley's Island, South Carolina!  A wonderful and whirlwind wedding weekend was had by all, and I'm afraid I've come back 112 lbs heavier from all that lowcountry shrimp-n-grits, oysters, and sweet tea vodka Tom Collins'!  Perhaps that's why my dowdy "Mrs. Doubtfire Skirt" made an appearance this morning...

At least there was an infusion of punchy color with my favorite cable knit shell and my fourth (but probably not final) LEC Heritage Cardigan in Cherry.  

Heritage Cardy in Cherry - Land's End Canvas
Orange Cable Knit Sweater Shell - Target
Brown "Mrs. Doubtfire" Skirt - Banana Republic
Patent Peeptoe Wedges - Banana Republic
Pearl Cluster Earrings - Etsy Seller Bridal Emunique


  1. cute and still very professional as always :)

  2. So I'm sure you already know this - but I was thrilled to find out that they sell LEC at some Sears stores! I am going this weekend:) Also - I got a hand-written thank you note when I ordered from them the first time, so nice!

  3. I ordered LEC recently based on your (and a few other's recommendations) and also got a handwritten note. I went today to exchange/ do you find the cardi sizing? I am not sold on the XS. But, definitely NEEd the red, the orange, the ...

  4. Can I confess to hating the word "cardy" or "cardi" or any of its formations?

    But I do love the word "cherry!" Makes me happy to look at!

  5. gorgeous... you look great in that color combination!

  6. Quick question for those LEC fans: How similar is this cardigan in fit/sizing to the J.Crew Jackie cardigan?

    Would appreciate the help! Thanks!


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