Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girly Office Wear

Wednesday, April 7

This is my Mad Men Dress... I feel very Betty Draper-esque whilst wearing it... as if I could reach under my desk come 2 p.m. (or, hell, 9:30 a.m.) and find a chilled martini shaker, just waiting for a couple of olives.

I also luuurve this print... I'd like to find a duo of wingback chairs covered in similar material... or perhaps a rug!  I do not luuurve my roots... seriously considering going darker again... 

Silk Printed Dress with Covered Belt - Milly
Black Flannel & Patent "Molly" Pumps - J.Crew
Pearl Cluster Earrings - Etsy Seller Bridal Emunique
Gold Medallion Necklace - gift 

Tuesday, April 8

I purchased this jacket on mega-sale after stalking Ann Taylor for months... Plus, I got the added bonus of using my 15% off birthday coupon!  I love half-jackets for the warmer Texas Springs and Summers, and... HELLO RUFFLES!  

I'm not sure how much I love the jacket with the pleated skirt, but I didn't have time to dig either of my pencils out of the dry cleaning bags this morning.  Also, I'm always hesitant to wear peach with black - fearing something Halloween-y might result... but I just don't have very many shells plain enough to go under a jacket with this much detail...  oh well!  

Wool Blend + Chiffon Ruffle Jacket - Ann Taylor
Peach Shell - Banana Republic
Pleated Wool Blend Skirt - Banana Republic
Patent Serengeti "Juliet" Pumps - J.Crew
Gold Flower Earrings - J.Crew
Gold Medallion Necklace - gift
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring - J.Crew


  1. Still obsessed with that Milly dress. You look fabulous! Aaaand now I want a martini at 10:30am.

  2. Cute! I am dying for that Ann Taylor ruffle jacket!

  3. the milly dress looks so nice on you!

  4. Love the Milly dress... the pattern is great!

  5. That Milly dress is so darling. I would never want to take it off!

  6. I love all the cute ruffles and girlie touches on these outfits! You look great! My favorite is the dress :) Gorgeous :)

  7. Hi darling!!! I just found your blog and I LOVE it!! You are just too adorable.

    That black and white dress is BEAUTIFUL and it looks great on you! :)

  8. Just came across your blog from Legally Fabulous. I'm excited to be a new follower, you have a great sense of style. I'm an attorney and am always looking for new outfit ideas appropriate for work.

    PS: my roots were driving me nuts, I just went dark and LOVE it!


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