Thursday, May 13, 2010

makin' it work + garment care

Every Thursday, I lead an information session for potential clients or folks who have on general legal questions.  I usually try to wear a legit suit for these meetings so that I look the Lady Lawyer Part... otherwise, I usually get the "eres tan joven para ser abogada!" (you are too young to be a lawyer!) or "hablas espanol! que sopresa!" (you speak Spanish! what a surprise!).

Truth be told, I always get that last comment, regardless of my attire, but the suit jacket tends to discourage the "but you're a baby!" remarks.  Unfortunately, I was fresh out of clean suits, so the Turn-a-Dress-into-a-Skirt + Jacket combo had to do... Makin' it work, like my Favorite Gay Boyfriend Tim G.

Half-Sleeve Tie-Waist Jacket - Banana Republic
Silk Circle Dress - Banana Republic 
Patent Loafer Pumps - Cole Haan 
Gold Bangle - Coach 

And to answer a question from yesterday...

Garment Care:  I'll be honest with you, we are Dry Cleaning People.  I LOATHE ironing and between Evs and myself, we have tons of items that cannot be washed normally in the W/D.  I used to attempt hand-washing, line-drying, then ironing on some of my "hand wash only" items, but it just took too much time and my clothes never held up as nicely.  Therefore, the only thing that gets laundered in our home are t-shirts, socks, workout gear, jeans/shorts, PJs, linens (as in towels and sheets - not clothes made from linen) and unmentionables.  

Nearly everything you see me wearing here to work gets dry cleaned... including things like my cotton cardigans, sweaters and shells.  I know the tag says they are safe for the washer and dryer, but dry cleaning doesn't screw with the shape and doesn't cause pilling.  Plus everything comes back neatly pressed and feeling new.  You'll often see me wearing clothes I purchased several years ago... they would not be in a wearable condition today if I was tasked with laundering them!   

To cut down on cost, I've found a dry-cleaner that runs weekly specials, I steer clear of the "designer dry cleaners" (I'm lookin' at you Bibbentuckers and Eco-Cleaners!), and we wear things until they are truly dirty - ie: until they are visibly stained or smell.  That sounds gross, but most things don't need to be washed after one wear (or two, or three) if you are clean when you put them on and avoid spillage.  Plus, wool suiting shouldn't be dry cleaned unless absolutely necessary as it causes the material to get shiny.  Evs has a portable steamer which helps immensely to gussy up suits after sitting in them for 14 hours.  


  1. I totally agree with you that things don't need to be cleaned every time you wear them. As long as you take them off right when you get home (don't love on the pets) and wear camis underneath you can get many wears out of them. Also, thanks for reminding me to use my steamer!

  2. I feel the same way about dry cleaning. I try to dry clean all of my sweaters. It really does keep the shape better and I wear my clothes multiple times before laundering.

  3. I don't wash my clothes every time either. Unless stained or smelly. Linen spray around the inside hems works wonders for the freshness you miss from washing everytime. My favorite jeans, I wear out somewhere, and then run home and take them off, haven't washed them in months.
    Like this outfit, and you look younger than your age anyway, so I think that's pretty unavoidable.

  4. Because we live in this heat and humidity infested island, our clothes don't last long because we must wash or dry clean them almost always after each wearing! I long for the day when I can wear something twice before washing again! You're totally right!

  5. I dry clean EVERYTHING too, and I just got an AWESOME Rowenta steamer on Ideeli for nothing!

  6. me too totally agree with you that things don't need to be cleaned every time you wear them.
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  7. Oh good, I thought I was being silly having my cotton cardigans dry-cleaned, but they seem to do much better that way.


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