Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lady Luck

Confession:  I am not feeling my outfit today.

Solution: I shall cheat and answer a fun question from Michelle, who writes:

Hello to my fashion guru. I have read your blog for some time now and need a little advice. Can you post an outfit that you would wear in Vegas. Say going to a club...etc. I need help. I have been scouring rack after rack and cannot find a thing. HUMF....(insert huge sigh) Appreciate it! :)

For me, Vegas is all about *Sparkle* and since the sequins that always come with holiday attire have carried over into springtime trends, there are loads of glitzy frocks out there that are fun and flirty, without being trashy! Some of my favorite examples, all courtesy of Nordstrom:

That first bunch is sassy and spangly, but still a bit more versatile (ie: the black, gold, and silver colors would transition perfectly to winter cocktail attire for years to come).  The last two are a bit more costume-y... a bit more "classy showgirl," if you will!  

If audacious sequins aren't your thing, the following dresses still have that Shimmer Factor... they're also both flattering in the tummy area, ensuring you can enjoy the famous Vegas culinary scene without stressing over a little post-dinner pouch!  

Here's hoping your trip to Vegas is a lucky one!  


  1. Isn't it absolutely wonderful to have a Fashion Diva to go to for these questions ladies?
    Kate bailed me out of a black and gold Mardi Gras Ball problem I had a few months ago, with the perfect dress. Love all these, especially the royal blue sequined.

  2. Agreed! Vegas is all about the shimmer!!! Love that Pink one! I'd wear that for sure!

  3. I really love that last white dress----so perfect!

  4. Oooh it is Fashion Friday and I wish I was wearing one of those dresses to Court today!

  5. I love that first one! It's fun enough for Vegas, but is perfect for other shimmer-worthy events too!

  6. 馬丁路德:「即使知道明天世界即將毀滅,我仍願在今天種下一棵小樹。」......................................................

  7. UGH! Thanks Kate! You're a lifesaver. I love the first pic posted after the "culinary scene" comment! Soooo my style! You are the greatest.... Appreciate it so much!
    Michelle :)


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