Friday, May 7, 2010

purple fridays

Let's play a fun game called Did You Know...

Did you know that purple is the official support color for victims of domestic violence?  Yep ... much like Pink is to Breast Cancer and Red is to AIDS (anyone smell an SAT question here?).  

Aren't you glad we played that game?  You learn something new every day!  

So in addition to Fridays being casual, we are now encouraged to sport purple at the end of the week to show agency wide support of our clients.  This is a policy I can get behind save for one minor problema... I'm not a big purple fan.  I'm down with violet and eggplant, but true purple and lavender don't really exist in my closet.  I also discovered this morning that, while I do have a few appropriately-hued items in my arsenal (of the aforementioned preferred shades, of course!), they all happen to be the kinds of tops one wears with jeans... which, as you will recall, is a no-no for the agency's attorneys. 

I need some black cigarette pants, STAT... or else LEC needs to create an eggplant Heritage cardigan (pretty please, LEC?)!   

Here's what I ended up with...

The navy skirt is part of a J.Crew "summer suit" - a cotton chino blend that drives me nutzoid when the jacket and the skirt are paired together because the fabric picks up every speck of dust and errant hair... the pieces are much less frustrating when worn apart (ie: you only have to lint roll half of your body every 10 minutes).  

This top is several years old - one of the first things I purchased from Ann Taylor Loft where I thought to myself "hmmmmm, ATL is getting more fashion-y looking!"  It's definitely a top that I've only worn before with dark or white denim, but I think the navy pencil skirt worked out okay today... especially for "casual" Friday! 

Still loving my LEC canvas flats, although they've received their first smudge :(  Still not loving my dirty hexagon bathroom floor. 

Violet Rosette Top - Ann Taylor Loft
Navy Cotton Chino Pencil Skirt - J.Crew
Canvas Ballet Flats - Lands' End Canvas
Gold Figure-8 Earrings - gift
Gold Medallion Necklace - gift
Sapphire Ring - gift 


  1. I suggest a pair of the JCrew Minnie pants in Black. They are perfect and go with most tops I normally wear with jeans. Your hair looks awesome by the way!

  2. Actually, I DID know purple was the DV signature color bc in my line of work, I often deal with victims of DV as well. Just wait until October, Domestic Violence awareness month- maybe you should start stockpiling purple now!!
    The color you have on today looks very pretty on you. Great shade.

  3. Love those shoes.... is it considered lawyer professional to rock a cute headband? or statement necklace... I recently saw both in a great shades of purple!

  4. Ooooh I love the shade of that shirt! The flower details are adorable, too.

  5. I have been reading your blog for a few months and it is now one of my first "stops" each day!

    I had to comment because I am totally with you on the purple issue, I am kinda against it as a color. As in, I don't appreciate purple as a concept and wish it be gone. Even if I love the cut and style of an adorable frock, top, or skirt--if its purple, its a dealbreaker for me sadly.

    BUT I totally support awareness for DV and your outfit! Love the koombaya concept at your office!

    Have a great weekend...

  6. I'm totally with you on the color purple, I think I maybe have 1 purple top in all. Maybe it's a blonde thing though, because I think purple looks great on brunettes.

  7. We will definitely pass along your request for a Heritage Cardigan in eggplant. These are great looks you are creating!

  8. I love your outfits! I did not know about purple being the DV color but I'm glad I do now! I've been reading your blog for a little while, first time commenting and I've gotta say your outfits made me order a J.Crew catalog (I'm from Canada, we don't have the stores here) and I'm kinda thinking I need a Land's End Cardigan...

  9. Just popped on over to your blog, it's darling!!

  10. Great post! Just stumbled across your blog and love, LOVE it = ) New follower and just wanted to say hi. Have a great day!

  11. I feel compelled to help turn you around on purple and lavender. I think both will work so well with your coloring. I'm on the hunt for chic purple hued biz casual attire for you now.


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