Thursday, March 18, 2010


It appears that I have been neglecting little ol' ITPitB... but don't worry!  Bathroom / Bad-Lighting-Bedroom Phots HAVE been taken!

Consider this a "Closet Dump":

Friday, March 12

Also known as The First & Only Day I Wore Jeans to Work (the employee manual says "jeans on Fridays"... apparently that doesn't apply to attorneys... MORTIFICATION!)

Hair is getting hella-long... Time for a trim!

Embellished Blossom Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft
Shimmery Orange Tee - Michael Stars
"Always Skinny" Jeans - GAP
Gold "Reva" Flats - Tory Burch
Gold Figure 8 Earrings - gift
Gold Medallion Necklace - gift

Monday, March 15

I love this jacket - purchased mega on-sale last Spring from J.Crew.  I'm digging the black, white, and red combo!  For some odd reason, I always remember that Claudia from the Babysitters' Club decorated her room in these tones... which still registers as "eternally chic" for me! 

White Atelier Jacket - J.Crew (Spring 2009)
Black Pinstripe Pants - J.Crew (circa 2001)
Red Patent "Juliet" Pumps - J.Crew
Black Satin Headband - Ann Taylor
Gold Figure 8 Earrings - gift
{Evs is dressed entirely in Brooks Brothers}

Tuesday, March 16

Favorite Suit Dress!  Super curvy + pockets!  

 Great 3/4 Sleeved Jacket - Ann Taylor
Black Wool Sheath - Ann Taylor
Patent, Satin, & Flannel "Molly" Pumps - J.Crew
Skystone Necklace - Anthropologie
Ivory & Gold Cuff - Banana Republic

Wednesday, March 17

Happy St. Paddy's Day!  

Green Button Sweater - Banana Republic (Spring 2008)
Brown Pleated Suit Skirt - Banana Republic (circa 2006)
Serengeti Patent "Juliet" Pumps - J.Crew
Gold Flower Earrings - J.Crew
Gold C Cuff - Coach

Thursday, March 18

Its the Lands' End Canvas Heritage Cardigan in action!  If you haven't already read, I'm a tad obsessed with these cardys!  The "Bold Sun" color is the perfect way to cheer on my Demon Deacons today as they face UT (my other, and very first, love... hence the orange under-shell!) in the first round of the NCAA Championship.  Let the March Madness begin!  

For those who are curious, when it comes to basketball, I'm a Wake gal all the way... for everything else, GO HORNS! {And no, I wasn't indulging in a little "Wake Up Wine" this morning... that would be one of our water goblets in my hand.}

Bold Sun Heritage Cardigan - Lands' End Canvas Collection
Orange Silk Lattice Shell - Banana Republic (Spring 2008)
Black Pencil Skirt - Ann Taylor
Black Patent Loafers - Cole Haan
Gold Figure 8 Earrings - gift
Black Belt - Banana Republic


  1. Love all the outfits, esp. today's... even if it is to cheer on my beloved Horns' opponents! I am wearing orange to balance out the universe ;)

    Cute, cute, cute, all the way. And don't be too mortified of your jeans last Friday - surely everyone was too mesmerized by your excellent cardi rosettes to notice!

  2. Ahhh! Did they tell you you weren't allowed to wear jeans when you showed up? Awkward.

    PS Love the Evs cameo.

  3. wait. When you were looking for a job, didn't you check to see what the bathroom mirror situation would be?
    this is not as good at job 1.

  4. The water goblet cracked me up. and also good to see the new collection in action. it looks great on you and now I know what I will be look at during work today :)

  5. I had wondered were your allegiance was with today's game.

  6. Loving all your outfits! I still remember that about Claudia too! Hahaha. Love some Babysitter's Club.

  7. Just came across your blog for the first time and I love your outfits and i have to say awesome blog title thats what caught my eye and brought me here :) glad i did

    Thought i might ask if you heard of the new fashion website called You should make a profile on it! I was reading your blog and it seems like you might like it! i dont work for it or anything just think its quite cool

    Check out my blog! Im trying to get a few more followers, so if you have time please add me :) just followed you and looking forward to seeing more posts. Thank you

    ps love your stlye

    Hannah xx

  8. Love the outfits! I was about to order some of those cardigans but questioned the fit. I want it to be snuggish (like how it fits on you), but always get nervous i'll end up with a mini-cardigan situation. Did you find them true to size?

  9. Nevermind my previous question! I see you answered it on your other blog (just getting caught up on my reader now).

  10. Oh man... jeans day not applying to you... tres embarrassing.... but at least you looked stunning the rest of the week, so they know for sure that you are able to dress for the job! :)

  11. How do you get the J.Crew Atelier jacket to look so cute and tailored? The pleat in the back of mine never stays pleated and the jacket ends up looking ill-fitted and baggy on me after an hour or so.

  12. After reading all the twitter convo about Land's End Canvas and now seeing some of it in action I'm dying to go look at the website, but I'm trying to resist because I'm pretty positive I'll then want to buy something! Cuteness!


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