Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mrs. Doubtfire, askew

You may recall, from the annals of yesteryear, my "Mrs. Doubtfire Suits" - ie: the very first two suits (identical skirts, different jackets, different colors) I ever purchased (before I knew what pencil skirts were, obvs).  They are appropriately conservative, well-made, fit properly... and they transport my lower half of my body to the Highlands of Scotland for a frolic on the moors in celebration of Hogmanay (note: I have no clue what I am talking about).   

Anyhoo, I shadowed a free legal clinic today so I wanted to look official... and PANTS had about over stayed their welcome for the week.  So The Brown Mrs. Doubtfire it 'twas to be.  


Something was... er, off, this morning....  Let's take a closer look....

Yep... still something awkward happening here... too bad I was running late and wouldn't fully comprehend the root of the problem until lunch time... when I was to discover....

Yep, that's my kilt skirt... on sideways.   Awesome.  

At least my shirt was fun... in a ruffle-diarrhea sort of way!  

Whatever.  I love this shirt.  So much that I find myself absent-mindedly petting it throughout the day.  Which, um, had to stop.  Immediately.  So awkward.  But soooo soft and ruffly!  

Brown Wool Suit - Banana Republic Outlet
Blush Ruffle Shell - Ann Taylor Loft
Brown Leather Mary Janes - Banana Republic
Gold Mini-Disc Earrings - Sonya Renee
Gold Medallion Necklace - wedding present
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring - J.Crew


  1. Great volume in your pony! Do you have bangs you're pinning back or something?

  2. hilarious. we are all just children running around with our knickers on backwards, pretending to do grown up's business.

  3. I love the pleated skirts (but only in petites becuause if too long I feel like Talbots, and not the recent variation of cuteness).

  4. I pet myself when I wear chenille... scarves, sweaters... I understand that it can't be helped. It looks weird, but it feels so nice!

  5. I sprung for a BR suit once after having loved so much my suiting skirts that I bought there previously sans jackets, however, the lining is all screwy on them, forever changing my opinion of BR suits! You can totally see the lining hanging from the skirt and the lining in the sleeves of the jacket hangs out as well, which I magically didn't notice in the underlit dressing room... needless to say, I did not look as polished as you do today! Perhaps I will give BR suiting another try some day!!!

  6. here's a story and I blame you for the end result:

    Go to the ann taylor website to look for the perfect platform pumps. And then I'm all ANN TAYLOR IS COOL. WHEN DID ANN TAYLOR GET SO COOL? I THOUGHT IT WAS FOR MOMS.

    Then I get these like 40 off sales to my email everyday.

    I have since purchased THREE pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, a pair of pants, 3 blouses and a bracelet.

    I've also totally pissed of one Ann Taylor with returns and a yelling situation and drove 30 miles to another one. Ann Taylor has taken over my life.

    again, your fault.

  7. This same thing has totally happened to me before! I'll tell you one better though ;) At my old job...our receptionist wore a dress one day. I didn't really pay too much attention, but another staffer said to her, "why do you have pockets on the butt of your dress?" YEP, she had her whole dress on backwards. She was so embarrassed. At least you got the jacket part right ;)

  8. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. ....................................................


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