Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evolution of an Ensemble

This is how so many of my mornings go...

ISM (Inspired Shower Moment) leads to interesting layering...
... which I'm digging...
...but not with the pants!
(length of ruffly shell cuts me off at the thigh, 
enhancing their thuderness)

Oooo, I do like it with the pencil though...
... but NAY on the chunkier loafer-pumps. 

Daintier Flannel Bow Pumps are just the ticket! 

Final Verdict?
Dusty Amethyst Ruffle Front Shell - Ann Taylor Loft
Dark Blue V-Neck Cardigan - J.Crew
Black Pencil Skirt - Ann Taylor
Black Flannel Bow Pumps - J.Crew
Black Satin Headband - Ann Taylor
Gold Shamrock Earrings - gift
Skinny Blush Metallic Belt - J.Crew

Black Pants - Banana Republic
Gold "Reva" Flats - Tory Burch
Black Patent Loafer Pumps - Cole Haan 

And an answer... I had a question about how the Heritage cardigans wear... I definitely wear these multiple times before cleaning - I don't find they stretch out at all!  Although, my normal "medium" in tops is slightly looser in the Lands' End Canvas sizing, so the cardigans are a bit larger to begin with... so there's really no pulling that would cause stretching.  The only part that wears a bit are the bends in the elbows (they get wrinkly), but those are usually back to normal after I hang them up for a while! 


  1. Oh I love the final results. And I love your hilarious story on your other blog about your parking scam in college! :)

  2. omg you SO do not have thunder thighs! I think the outfit would have been great all 3 ways!

  3. Great final combination! I go through the same iterations in the morning too, and then wonder why I have piles of clothes on the chair instead of hanging up and why I'm always running late for work! Unfortunately I don't usually get to try out different shoe combos because the majority of them stay of them stay down on the first floor because they were never making it all the way up to my closet on the third floor (townhouse style) -- it's such a pain!

  4. Super cute. And a helpful reminder to see how different shoes look with different outfits. I always go for my comfiest pumps, without thinking about how shoes affect the line etc of the ensemble.

  5. Very cute! I have a similar pencil skirt from Ann Taylor Loft that I've been devoted to wearing frequently for 2 years.

  6. I love the final verdict! The shell, cardigan, and skinny belt combo is perfection!

  7. Thanks for answering my question!!! Just what I needed to know! Like I said I'm cardigan girl myself...in fact today, I am wearing the same one I had on yesterday:) Haha...yes! But in my defense the outfit it completely different and in that case I think its acceptable!

  8. Great post - I love the lawyerly references! : ) I agree with Legally Fabulous - you don't at all have thunder thighs. However, your self-effacing humor is part of your charm!


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