Sunday, June 20, 2010

Linen + Lilly (you suck)

Last Friday, I skirted panted the No Jeans on Casual Friday issue by busting out my new linen pants from GAP (Sale! $25! Score!)...

Back in my OCD Days, I was anti-linen... Too! Many! Wrinkles!  I've since embraced the wonders of linen... and I no longer break out in hives if socks get left on the bathroom floor (although nagging over said socks isn't something I've yet grown out of).  

Between the "fancy" t-shirt, the sandals, and the feel-like-pajama-pants pants, it was a pretty comfy Friday! 

The sandals are the first item of Lilly Pulitzer I've ever purchased, and while I find them rather cute, I have to say that I am WHOLLY UNIMPRESSED with the quality. I've worn them maybe 10 times and the heels have half-peeled off (making a really unpleasant flapping sound every time I take a step).  WTF, LILLY?  Not only do you create woman's clothing that looks like a Floridian four year old's bed spread (grown women in hot pink giraffes?  bleh), but the few age-appropriate items you do design fall apart in an instant?  NO THANK YOU.  Our very brief relationship is officially over even if I do think some of your tunics are cute and I'd really like some of those pineapple pajamas.  Super glad that the only "money" I spent on these suckers was RueLaLa credits!  

Lagoon "Heritage" Cardigan - Lands' End Canvas
Yellow Tee - GAP
Chocolate Linen Pants - GAP
Gold Ball Sandals - Lilly Pulitzer (BOO)
Figure 8 Earrings - gift
Gold Medallion Necklace - gift
Gold C Necklace - Coach


  1. Cute the color combination.
    What nail polish color did you use on your toes? I absolutely love it :)

  2. I had those Lilly flips in pink from Rue, too, and had to return them. They were most uncomfortable shoes evah.

  3. You are looking slim, trim and terrific in these pics!

  4. Love the outfit! I used to feel that way about linen too. Okay, you must spill on the nail polish color! It's lovely :)

  5. Ditto on the flops.. I had to superglue the flap on mine recently.

  6. My MIL works at the Lilly store here in ATL and a pair of mine just did that also. She just sent in the old ones and ordered new ones. If you go to the store they might do the same for you.

  7. You are looking super great in these pics- hair, outfit, figure- rocking it lady!

  8. Love this outfit, you look great! I wore some similar linen pants to work once and my husband was very concerned about how casual I looked, and said it looked like I was wearing scrubs, hah! I still love them anyway, it feels like you're wearing PJ's!


  10. hi - I found your blog from someone else's and ever commented before but i just had to say you look adorable in this outfit. casual works well on you.


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