Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green + Navy

Apparently I only post on Thursdays now... Hmmmmm... This week has been a bit tumultuous and I admit to being uninspired in the Fashion Department.  But it's almost the holiday weekend, and this dreary day in Dallas could use a little color...

My hair is in dire need of a re-highlight.  Or perhaps I'll give it another month and just tell everyone I'm going "ombre."  It's also at the point where it is getting LONG.  I love it long... but you know how people with really long hair tend to become obsessed with it's length and all of a sudden you bump into them and it's like they've gone from Luscious Locks to Frumpy Woodstock Hippie?  And they can't tell the difference?  But instead cling to their length like Linus to his blankie?  

Yeah.  I don't want to be That Girl.  

Green Dress - Maggie London via Nordstrom
Navy Corsage Cardigan - J.Crew
Patent Serengeti "Juliet" Pumps - J.Crew
Blue Drop Earrings - Gift
Gold Cuff - Coach


  1. That green dress is FANTASTIC on you!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being that girl because I AM that girl. Have no fear, the appointment to rectify this situation is scheduled for 10am Saturday.

  3. Sometimes I think my hair hasn't gotten to that point and then I chop it off and regret it. I will look back at pictures and think I was no where near that girl, but out of fear of becoming her I chopped off my hair. haha. I will NOT let it happen this time. That is what I have a bff for. :)

  4. Love that dress! And btw, I am totally being that girl about my hair and I have got to go get a trim before people start thinking that I'm quitting my job to go follow Widespread Panic or something.

  5. I love that dress! I tried really hard to pretend that it fit me perfectly at Nordstrom...but I finally conceded that I was too tall for it.

  6. Love the green dress with the navy cardi!!! So pretty!

  7. that dress is so great and the color is spectacular! have a great long weekend!


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