Sunday, March 28, 2010


As in, the quality of these photos is becoming hella embarrassing.  {Yes.  I said "hella."  I am practicing for my triumphant return to the West Coast later this week.}  If only my point-and-shoot could email new photos straight to my computer... I don't know how you gals with OOTD blogs featuring actual, decent, non-iPhone photos do it everyday...  I'm lucky if I remember to upload from my actual camera once a month.

Oh well.  Perhaps part of ITPitB's "charm" is gritty photography?  Yes?  Anyone?


Thursday, March 25

You might recognize this ensemble from my first interview with ANP (Anon Non-Profit)... I know, I know... I've repeated already.   For shame!!

Black Suit Jacket - Banana Republic
Violet Dress - Banana Republic
Black Flannel & Patent "Molly" Bow Pump - J.Crew
Mini Gold Disc Earrings - Sonya Renee
Gold Medallion Necklace - Gift
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring - J.Crew
Blush Metallic Skinny Belt - J.Crew

Friday, March 26

Its as if LEC looked into my closet and decreed: "We shall now make a shoe to match Kate's favorite wrap dress."  

Print Wrap Dress - BCBG
Canvas "Heritage" Ballet Flats - LEC
Gold Tassel Necklace - Gift
Gold Medallion Necklace - Gift
Ivory & Gold Cuff - Banana Republic


  1. I have the short sleeved version of that BCBG dress.

  2. The LEC ballet flats are adorable. Ballet flats are my biggest weakness. As a teacher, I can't handle anything with a heal, but a cute pair of flats will steal my heart!

  3. I love those little ballet flats! They are darling! I can already think of 1000 things that they would go with :)

  4. LEC is has come out of the gate running, haven't they? Those flats are so cute!

  5., honestly? I started following not only because I love your style, but because I take photos in the bathroom too. I call it "work potty photo shotty," which is horrible grammar but pretty entertaining. I, however, have to stand on the toilet to get the bottom half of my outfit in the mirror.

    So...until I create my photo-taking space in the apartment, I take photos in the bathroom too. I think it just makes it all the more interesting.
    Embarrassing? Only if a coworker sees me leaving the bathroom with my camera.

    I love your photos...keep the bathroom photo blogs alive!!!

  6. Get an eye-fi card for your camera (assuming it uses an SD card). The card automatically uploads your photos to your computer. It's awesome.

  7. You need an Eye-Fi. It's a memory card that automatically uploads to your computer when you turn your camera on at home.

    LOVE those flats.

  8. Please check my blog, I'm leaving you an award :)

  9. You need the "Eye Fi" memory card. They don't e-mail photos directly to your computer (but maybe they'll come up with that version soon), but everytime you turn your camera on they automatically upload to your computer into folders by date. Somehow the camera/computer is smart enough and once they upload once they don't "re-upload" next time you turn the camera on even if they haven't been deleted from the camera. Easy-peasy and I love it!


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