Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend wear: anniversary edition

Evs and I celebrated One Big Ol' Year today!  Most of the day was spent in yoga pants and green-and-gold duds, lallygagging in the park with the Boom and cheering on the Bears in the Elite Eight, but we did get gussied up for a delicious brunch at Fearings...

I was hoping to make it a yearly tradition to sport my "going-away ensemble" on our anniversary, but it seemed a little too formal for Sunday brunch... maybe next year, if we celebrate with a fancypants dinner.  

I did, however, wear my wedding bracelet, earrings and shoes!  

The bathrooms at Fearings / Rattlesnake?  Best ever.  Sadly, the sexy lighting doesn't make for amazeballs photo-taking... but you get the idea! 

Marigold "Heritage" Cardy - LEC
Ikat Print Silk Shift - Cynthia Steffe 
Marigold Satin "Carmen" Peep-Toes - J.Crew
Cluster Pearl Earrings - Bridal Emunique
Antique Button Pearl Necklace - Miss Joan's Hobby


  1. Love Fearings's! Happy first anniversary!

  2. Holy shmoly hot stuff! You look great- both of you! Happy anniversary!

  3. Yay, happy anniversary! I really love that dress, I´m so much into dresses right now. You look really amazing ;)

  4. Looking great as always! :) And I love the Bold Sun cardigan more each time I see it... that's the color I ordered from LEC & I can't wait to receive mine!

  5. Cute! Fearings is oh-so yummo. :)

  6. Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already. You looked great, as per usual, and I love that you incorporated your wedding jewelry/shoes into your ensemble.

  7. You look beautiful! I was admiring that bracelet in your photo and then I read it's your wedding bracelet! Wow - just gorgeous :)

  8. the dress makes my heart sing.


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