Monday, March 29, 2010

the so-comfy-it-could-be-a-nightgown dress

I usually reserve this dress for a Hangover Day (NOT THAT I EVER HAVE THOSE DURING THE WORK WEEK), but it had just been far too long (BECAUSE I AM A RESPONSIBLE ADULT WHO NEVER OVER-IMBIBES)...

This Milly frock is oh-so-soft - it feels like your favorite PJ pants against your skin!  Add a custom ruffle belt from the wondrous land that is Etsy and my favorite Spring work shoes from Ann Klein, and we've got ourselves a lovely little Monday ensemble!  

Ivory, Gray & Black Print Jersey Dress - Milly
Nude Flower Medallion Pumps - Ann Klein via Piperlime
Gold Figure-8 Earrings - gift
Ivory & Gold Bangle - Banana Republic
Black Ruffle Belt - Heart of Light


  1. Oh gosh! You are adorable. I am hopping right on over to etsy to order me one of those belts, gorgeous!

  2. Love those pumps! And that dress! Milly's knit pieces are so soft.

  3. It has been oh so long since I have commented! I have still been reading though!

    I just adore the whole look! What seller is that belt from! I MUST have one! It looks so pretty!

    I have those Ann Klein shoes also! They are very comfortable!

  4. Very cute!

    OK this is a new fabulously classic bag but curiosity is killing me. What was the other bag? Is it gray? It's slightly belted but looks so soft. I want to say Chloe but I'm sure I'm way off.

  5. Love the dress, the belt, and the shoes. Especially the belt. I need to develop a hangover outfit, but then again The Bumpkin would never over indulge during the work week ;)

  6. Love this look! The shoes are fabulous.

  7. ooooh how i need a dress like this in my closet. right now i'm sitting in my lady lawyer duds- aka trousers and a cardigan-- feeling slightly stuffy and proper- and wishing i was wearing a super soft dress that allowed me to still look professional but felt comfortable! let the online shopping begin....

  8. I adore this dress! and it looks so cute on you!


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