Monday, October 26, 2009

fashion post fail

So, if you'll recall, last week I attended a conference in Austin - it was fabulously informative and helpful to my practice, etc, etc, etc.  HOWEVER.  At some point during my last 30 minutes in attendance at said conference, my phone was stolen.  There's a longish story involved but no matter which way I tell it, the tale ends with me, in a cab, on a borrowed cell phone, screaming GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE, ASSHOLE into my own voicemail / furiously texting myself THERE'S A SPECIAL CIRCLE OF HELL RESERVED FOR THIEVING COWARDS!

Always a lady, that's me!

Anyhoo, as a result of this sad situation, there shall be a temporary stay of the daily fashion posts until our IT guy procures me another phone.

Kind of gives me a new air of mystery doesn't it?  As far as you know, I could be wearing nothing but goulashes.  Or I could be wearing this with purple tights, black suede pumps from Banana, my ruffle belt, and gold jewelry.  I'll never tell.


  1. That is sorry about the untimely passing of your phone. :(

    I hope you get a new one soon and that the person that took it can feel the very not nice thoughts I am thinking of him/her right now.

  2. So sorry to hear about your phone theft! I can't believe some jerk is causing us to miss your outfit photos for today. Pout.

  3. boo. but i can't help but wonder what the person who stoel the phone thought of all the pcitures of yourself on it! haha. so your firm furnishes you a cell phone? nice. too bad i want to work for a small firm that will likely have no perks.

  4. BOO HISS BOO HISS!!! WTH someone stole your phone at an event??? THAT SUCKS!!!! Please tell the story though I would like to here what happened!


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